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Qt5 Data Visualization 3D


Qt5 Data Visualization module provides a way to visualize data in 3D.

* Multiple data visualization options: 3D Bars, 3D Scatter, and 3D Surface
* 2D slice views of the 3D data
* Interactive data: rotate, zoom, and highlight data using mouse or touch
* Uses OpenGL for rendering the data
* QML2 support
* Customizable axes for data
- Control viewable data window with axis ranges
- Customize value axis grid lines and labels with axis formatters
- Polar horizontal axes support for surface and scatter graphs
* Customizable input handling
* Customizable themes
* Custom items and labels can be added to any graph
* Ready-made data proxies to visualize data from Qt item models and height maps
* Perspective and orthographic projections
* Volumetric custom items

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