An Intelligent Input Bus

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IBus is an Intelligent Input Bus. It is a new input framework for Linux OS.
It provides full featured and user friendly input method user interface.
It also may help developers to develop input method easily.

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20-defaults-openSUSE.conf 0000000143 143 Bytes
README.SUSE 0000003323 3.25 KB
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baselibs.conf 0000000992 992 Bytes
hide-setup-menu.patch 0000000389 389 Bytes
ibus-1.5.29-rc2.tar.gz 0003991416 3.81 MB
ibus-autostart 0000000281 281 Bytes
ibus-autostart.desktop 0000000233 233 Bytes
ibus-complete-preedit-signals-for-postprocesskeyevent.patch 0000002469 2.41 KB
ibus-disable-engines-preload-in-GNOME.patch 0000000937 937 Bytes
ibus-enginesimple-dont-commit-any-characters.patch 0000002970 2.9 KB
ibus-fix-Signal-does-not-exist.patch 0000000513 513 Bytes
ibus-socket-name-compatibility.patch 0000007669 7.49 KB
ibus-ui-gtk3-restart-via-systemd.patch 0000006218 6.07 KB
ibus-xim-fix-re-focus-after-lock.patch 0000000511 511 Bytes
ibus.changes 0000057800 56.4 KB
ibus.spec 0000015389 15 KB
im-engines-precede-xkb.patch 0000000723 723 Bytes
macros.ibus 0000000745 745 Bytes
setup-switch-im.patch 0000002757 2.69 KB
xim.d-ibus-121 0000001572 1.54 KB
xim.ibus.suse.template 0000000739 739 Bytes
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Can you please explain why python3-ibus was dropped? I read the changelog, but I didn't understand the "upstream will not maintain it for python 3" sentence. if so, why upstream still accept my ibus-force-python3.patch?

As we know, openSUSE is disgarding python 2.x, and that's why @qzhao dropped ibus-sunpinyin and ibus-googlepinyin from openSUSE:Factory. If ibus upstream "will not maintain it for python3", then python-ibus will be dropped soon because the engines require it have been dropped.

@qzhao actually I tested the python3-ibus in Leap 15.0, after patching "import gobject" further, it's usable. I also tested ibus-sunpinyin (because I think it's still been using by our users), it worked well with python3-ibus and python3-gobject2 without any modification since it's really a small setup program.

So I think here's the thing:

ftake and qzhao are different in view. qzhao wanted to follow our python 2.x removal progress while ftake wanted to keep python-ibus as it is.

both have troubles for now. for ftake, python-ibus will be dropped anyway. for qzhao, you didn't test if some engines are portable...



Fuminobu Takeyama's avatar


At the previous update, I specified a new flag --disable-python2 introduced by the upstream. Then, that flag removes what we have called python3-ibus.

Now Python application can communicate by using IBus gobject introspection without python3-ibus. So only legacy application, which is/was written in Python 2, might be using that library.

So I asked "Do we still need python3-ibus?" before submitting the previous update. ibus-sunpinyin still requires python3-ibus? Is it possible to remove that dependency by patching to ibus-sunpinyin?

Fuminobu Takeyama's avatar

Sorry, I just asked do we still need python(2)-ibus.

Fuminobu Takeyama's avatar

About "ibus-force-python3.patch", "--disable-python2" allow us to build ibus without python2. And the patch was not merged as it is, implemented different way.

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Sorry, could you please show me the discussion record of my opinion? My memory of the context was a little hazy.

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