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gwenhywfar-4.99.8beta.tar.gz 0001625085 1.55 MB 6 months
gwenhywfar.changes 0000020556 20.1 KB 3 months
gwenhywfar.spec 0000010332 10.1 KB 3 months
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Repo Checker

repo-checker wrote about 1 year ago

The version of this package in openSUSE:Factory has installation issues and may not be installable:

found conflict of gnucash-3.0-1.2.i586 with gwenhywfar-devel-4.20.1-1.1.i586:
  - /usr/lib/libgwengui-gtk3.so

found conflict of gnucash-3.0-1.2.x86_64 with gwenhywfar-devel-4.20.1-1.1.x86_64:
  - /usr/lib64/libgwengui-gtk3.so