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The script environment

The script environment for fetching data from the TeX Live Network and creating spec files. The perl script `generate' will read the data base `texlive.tlpdb.xz' from TeX Live and will generate the spec file to the basesystem. This spec file is used in the package `texlive' to e.g. build `texlive-filesystem', the various
collections and scheme packages as well as the binary packages. Also `generate' generates the spec files for most noarch TeX Live package found in `texlive.tlpdb.xz'. With this as a tarball `texlive-specs.tar.xz' and the spec file `texlive-specs.spec' more than 4200 packages will build.

The `generate' requires the package `avfs' from the project `Archiving' as otherwise it is not able to fix various problems like wrong script permissions or wrong she-bang lines.

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