Build Environment for TeX Live

Currently do not use this tree as it has problems!

Build Environment for fetching data from TeX Live servers and creating the appropriate spec files as well as then building with those spec files the TeX Live binary rpms from scratch if possible as well as repacking the TeX Live texmf tar balls into rpms.


Please do not mix upstream TeX Live installation with rpm based TeX Live packages. The dependencies base on rpm data base can not be fulfilled with those of the upstream TeX Live packages.

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Johannes Weberhofer's avatar

It would be great to have the Tumbleweed repo available here (possibly instead of facctory?)

Dr. Werner Fink's avatar

That is identical, just think about Tumbleweed and add the repro for openSUSE_Factory

Nina Kuckländer's avatar

We can't change with Leap 15.4 to Texlive2023 with zypper dup -y --from --allow-vendor-change --replacefiles. The error is "Problem: nichts stellt '/usr/bin/snobol4' bereit, das vom zu installierenden texlive-texaccents-2023. benötigt wird"

Dr. Werner Fink's avatar

I had added and it builds for Leap 15.4

Nina Kuckländer's avatar

Thank you very much! Now we can switch wihtout any problems to Texlive2023.

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