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Name Title
server:php:applications PHP libraries and applications
home:weberho Johannes Weberhofer's osc home
home:weberho:qmailtoaster The qmailoaster
home:weberho:server Miscellaneous server related stuff
home:weberho:tools Miscellaneous tools
home:weberho:bluespice Extension for MediaWiki to make it more suitable for business needs
home:weberho:UNSTABLE Johannes Weberhofer's development projects
home:weberho:UNSTABLE:tine20 Open Source Groupware and CRM
network:groupware:tine20 Tine 2.0 - Professional Open Source Groupware and CRM
home:weberho:branches:devel:tools:scm Branch project for package trac
home:weberho:PHP56 Latest PHP 5.6 and Apache
home:weberho:UNSTABLE:python-systemd python-systemd master branch
server:php:extensions:php7 PHP7 extensions
home:weberho:branches:devel:languages:ruby:extensions Branch project for package rubygem-scrypt-1
home:weberho:Postgres92 Postgres 9.2 for Leap 42.2
home:weberho:qmail Qmail related software
home:weberho:branches:security Branch project for package sslscan
home:weberho:branches:network Branch project for package pure-ftpd
home:weberho:branches:server:php:applications Branch project for package processwire3
home:weberho:branches:horde Branch project for package php-pear-Horde_ActiveSync
home:weberho:branches:Application:Geo Branch project for package geoipupdate
home:weberho:branches:server:php:extensions:php7 Branch project for package php7-imagick

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