bbswitch is a kernel module which automatically detects the required ACPI calls for two kinds of Optimus laptops.

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0001-Update-proc_create_call-for-5.6-kernel.patch 0000001973 1.93 KB 7 months
bbswitch.changes 0000002879 2.81 KB 2 months
bbswitch.spec 0000002759 2.69 KB 2 months
v0.8.tar.gz 0000015800 15.4 KB almost 7 years
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_nobody_ wrote over 2 years ago

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szotsaki wrote over 2 years ago

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msalle wrote about 2 years ago

Hi, could you rebuild the package, at least for Leap15? The bbswitch-kmp-default depends via kernel-uname-r = 4.12.14-lp150.11-default on an old kernel (current version in Leap15 is 4.12.14-lp150.12.13.1), which means e.g. that the purge-kernel.service fails.