Bumblebee project

Project for storing all required packages for painless usage of Optimus technology in your laptop.

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Lord-Master wrote 5 months ago

Good evening,

openSUSE Leap 15.2 has been released today; would it be possible to add it to the list of Repositories for X11: Bumblebee in order to allow the happy owners of a laptop with optimus to proceed to a (re) installation without having to worry with their dedicated GPU?

Thank you.

Best regards

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lemmy04 wrote 5 months ago

In 15.2 you can use prime render offloading instead, works just as well...

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Lord-Master wrote 5 months ago

Hello lemmy04 and thank you for your answer,

I had some black screen problems when installing leap on my MSI GP63, and Bumblebee allowed me to install the nvidia drivers without touching anything (just balcklisted nouveau).

In addition Bumblebee allows me to launch an application without disconnection / reconnection, unlike prime.

I prefer to continue with a solution that works and gives me satisfaction, rather than trying a tool that will ask me to put my hands in the engine without guaranteed success; I'm even sure my laptop will crash on purpose to annoy me ...

Hence my request to add leap 15.2 to the list of repositories

Best regars.