GNU/Linux Desktop featuring a traditional layout

Cinnamon is a modern Linux desktop which provides advanced innovative features and a traditional user experience.
It's easy to use, powerful and flexible.

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Filename Size Changed
README.Gsettings-overrides 0000000781 781 Bytes over 5 years
cinnamon-4.8.6.tar.gz 0002378117 2.27 MB about 2 months
cinnamon-fallback-icewm.patch 0000000768 768 Bytes almost 3 years
cinnamon-favourite-applications.patch 0000000788 788 Bytes 8 days
cinnamon-settings-native.patch 0000006467 6.32 KB 24 days
cinnamon-settings-xscreensaver-path.patch 0000000465 465 Bytes about 4 years
cinnamon-wheel-and-sbin-path.patch 0000005268 5.14 KB over 2 years
cinnamon.changes 0000135899 133 KB 6 days
cinnamon.spec 0000010838 10.6 KB 24 days
support_yast_settings.patch 0000000621 621 Bytes 24 days
Comments for cinnamon 8

andy great's avatar

andythe_great wrote 6 months ago

cinnamon-settings-native.patch does not seems to work.

Anonymous User's avatar

_nobody_ wrote 24 days ago

This comment has been deleted

andy great's avatar

andythe_great wrote 24 days ago

sure thing

andy great's avatar

andythe_great wrote 24 days ago

I just try using cinnamon with latest update from here in VM, some settings are missing like printer software manager, etc. Is this normal? Not sure if it suppose to be missing.

slb's avatar

slbtongying wrote 24 days ago


"'xdg-su', '-c', '/sbin/yast2 printer'" should be just "xdg-su -c /sbin/yast2 printer". No punctuations at all.

andy great's avatar

andythe_great wrote 24 days ago

Thanks, it work now. If you like to submit the pattern to factory then feel free.

Aaron Stern's avatar

ukbeast89 wrote 5 months ago

I am starting to receive more rl work hours and I am unable to continue much work on Cinnamon, would you like to take over on Cinnamon Factory?

andy great's avatar

andythe_great wrote 5 months ago

I am still the maintainer, so I think we are fine atm.

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