V8 javascript bindings for Rust

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Do not install. Only used as the first stage for building deno, and for development/debugging purposes.

Deno offers an alternate build, where the v8 engine is referenced through a static binary dump.

This package exists just to test rusty_v8 in isolation. It will generate binaries that include full debug symbols/tables.

Users should refer to the deno package for an integrated build without development symbols.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_constraints 0000000168 168 Bytes
_service 0000000661 661 Bytes
cargo_config 0000000101 101 Bytes
rusty_v8-0.94.0.tar.xz 0057996008 55.3 MB
rusty_v8.changes 0000031300 30.6 KB
rusty_v8.spec 0000002098 2.05 KB
vendor.tar.xz 0018843720 18 MB
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