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Involved Projects and Packages

Packages, runtimes, interpreters, utilities and compilers for using the JavaScript programming language. This project also includes packages for using WebAssembly.

A collection of WebAssembly build tools. It includes wasm-opt for optimizing and reducing wasm binaries.

Deno comes with a linter, a code formatter, a unit test runner and language server protocol, among other features. It has a standard library with limited compatibility with Node.js.

A JavaScript, Typescript, JSX and CSS bundler and minifier

Espruino is a JavaScript interpreter built for Microcontrollers. It is designed for devices having as little as 128kB Flash and 8kB RAM.

Hermes is JavaScript engine and toolchain. Originally optimized for running React Native on Android, it also supports iOS.

Async functions are not supported

Another JavaScript Runtime, currently built on rusty_v8 from the deno project.

mjs is a restricted JavaScript engine designed for compute environments with limited resources

QuickJS is a new Javascript compiler with standard library, a repl, and static binary builds. It supports the ES2020 specification including modules, asynchronous generators, proxies and BigInt. It also has full Annex B support (legacy web compatibility). The garbage collector uses reference counting and cycle removal. There is optional support for mathematical extensions such as BigDecimal, BigFloat and operator overloading.

Do not install. Only used as the first stage for building deno, and for development/debugging purposes.

Deno offers an alternate build, where the v8 engine is referenced through a static binary dump.

This package exists just to test rusty_v8 in isolation. It will generate binaries that include full debug symbols/tables.

Users should refer to the deno package for an integrated build without development symbols.

Currently TinyJS supports:

* Variables, Arrays, Structures
* JSON parsing and output
* Functions
* Calling C/C++ code from JavaScript
* Objects with Inheritance (not fully implemented)

WABT (we pronounce it "wabbit") is a suite of tools for WebAssembly intended for use in (or for development of) toolchains or other systems that want to manipulate WebAssembly files. Unlike the WebAssembly spec interpreter (which is written to be as simple, declarative and "speccy" as possible), they are written in C/C++ and designed for easier integration into other systems.

Unlike Binaryen these tools do not aim to provide an optimization platform or a higher-level compiler target; instead they aim for full fidelity and compliance with the spec (e.g. 1:1 round-trips with no changes to instructions).

Wasp is an under-development C++ library designed to make it easy to work with WebAssembly modules. Unlike tools like wabt, it is designed to be used as a library.

It has a bundled tool, named "wasp."

Wabt may come to rely on it at some point (or vice-versa).


Fast, disk space efficient npm installs


fakechroot runs a command in an environment were is additional possibility to use
chroot(8) command without root privileges. This is useful for allowing users to
create own chrooted environment with possibility to install another packages
without need for root privileges.


A utility for running arbitrary commands when files change.

SML/NJ is an interactive compiler for Standard ML (Meta Language).

It is based on the 1997 edition of the language.


Unifies several forks of VisualBoyAdvance, a Game Boy, Game
Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance emulator with excellent support for both play and
development. Features GTK UI (gvbam) and command-line interface with SDL output (vbam).


Fly allows you to create images with script statements. It uses gdlib.


A deluge of software. The good ones should move to factory.

Unpopular ones remain archived here until the end of time.

x86 builds of Emulators

This project was created for package fish via attribute OBS:Maintained

This project was created for package kitty via attribute OBS:Maintained


Ncmpcpp is almost exact clone of ncmpc but it contains some new features
ncmpc doesn't have. It's been also rewritten from scratch in C++. Lack of
some function (eg. tag editor) eventually pushed me to rewrite it as
ncmpcpp and include these functions in it.


A screencast tool to display your keys

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