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Boost C++ Libraries

Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. The emphasis is on libraries that work well with the C++ Standard Library. One goal is to establish "existing practice" and provide reference implementations so that the Boost libraries are suitable for eventual standardization. Some of the libraries have already been proposed for inclusion in the C++ Standards Committee's upcoming C++ Standard Library Technical Report.

Although Boost was begun by members of the C++ Standards Committee Library Working Group, membership has expanded to include nearly two thousand members of the C++ community at large.

This package is mainly needed for updating from a prior version, the dynamic libraries are found in their respective packge. For development using Boost, you also need the boost-devel package. For documentation, see the boost-doc package.

Source Files (show unmerged sources)

Filename Size Changed Actions
_constraints 282 Bytes about 2 years ago Download File
baselibs.conf 590 Bytes 2 days ago Download File
boost-1.55.0-python-test-PyImport_AppendInittab.patch 2.57 KB 9 months ago Download File
boost-1.57.0-python-abi_letters.patch 2.3 KB 11 months ago Download File
boost-1.57.0-python-libpython_dep.patch 454 Bytes 11 months ago Download File
boost-aarch64-flags.patch 589 Bytes over 1 year ago Download File
boost-disable-pch-on-aarch64.patch 2.69 KB 9 months ago Download File
boost-no_segfault_in_Regex_filter.patch 436 Bytes almost 8 years ago Download File
boost-no_type_punning.patch 5.7 KB over 4 years ago Download File
boost-pool_check_overflow.patch 1.26 KB almost 3 years ago Download File
boost-rpmlintrc 578 Bytes over 6 years ago Download File
boost-rpmoptflags-only.patch 2.45 KB over 1 year ago Download File
boost-strict_aliasing.patch 478 Bytes over 4 years ago Download File
boost-thread.patch 515 Bytes over 1 year ago Download File
boost-use_std_xml_catalog.patch 2.26 KB about 2 years ago Download File
boost-visibility.patch 3.82 KB 4 months ago Download File
boost.changes 64 KB 2 days ago Download File
boost.spec 28 KB 2 days ago Download File
boost_1_56_pdf.tar.bz2 44.4 MB about 2 years ago
boost_1_62_0.tar.bz2 80.6 MB 2 days ago
existing_extra_docs 18.4 KB over 6 years ago Download File
gcc_path.patch 1.36 KB 2 days ago Download File

Latest Revision

Philipp Thomas Philipp Thomas (psmt) accepted request 431312 1 day ago (revision 175)
If accepting, don't forward to factory. Some more changes pending.
Plus we can see what breaks in the devel project first.

- update to version 1.62.0
  * new library: fiber: framework for userland-threads/fibers
  * new library: QVM: library for working with quaternions,
        vectors and matrices of static size
  * see http://www.boost.org/users/history/version_1_62_0.html
    for complete changelog
- remove boost-fix_include_config.patch - upstreamed
- gcc_path.patch - fix GCC search paths (bnc#996917)
  Boost assumes /usr/include/c++/x.y.z/ existence for GCC 4.x
  onward while our version of GCC only has /usr/include/c++/x.y
  for 4.x GCC and /usr/include/c++/x/ for 5.x onward.
- migrate to using %bcond_ instead of hardcoding macros
  for different Boost features
- better way to limit max number of compilation units than
  by reading /proc/meminfo and guesstimating.

Comments for devel:libraries:c_c++ (1)

Jason Newton jenewton wrote almost 2 years ago

please investigate making python3 and python2 both work together, I think that is useful to have. I've also noted that b2 ignores the job parameters set and needs it's own -j argument in all instances.