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Utilities for the Second Extended File System

Utilities needed to create and maintain ext2 and ext3 file systems
under Linux. Included in this package are: chattr, lsattr, mke2fs,
mklost+found, tune2fs, e2fsck, resize2fs, and badblocks.

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README.SUSE 299 Bytes almost 8 years ago Download File
baselibs.conf 303 Bytes about 7 years ago Download File
e2fsprogs-1.42-ext2fsh_implicit.patch 383 Bytes about 4 years ago Download File
e2fsprogs-1.42-implicit_fortify_decl.patch 377 Bytes over 4 years ago Download File
e2fsprogs-1.43.1.tar.gz 6.69 MB 2 months ago
e2fsprogs.changes 66.7 KB about 1 month ago Download File
e2fsprogs.spec 11.1 KB about 1 month ago Download File
libcom_err-compile_et_permissions.patch 533 Bytes over 1 year ago Download File
pre_checkin.sh 245 Bytes over 2 years ago Download File

Latest Revision

Dirk Mueller Dirk Mueller (dirkmueller) accepted request 414763 about 1 month ago (revision 71)
- Rebuild the initrd if this package changes (and we are not 
  building the -mini version)

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