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An advanced Quake engine


FTEQW is the advanced, portable Quake engine.
It supports multiple games running on idTech, plus its own set of
games that developers have created. Due to the vast amount of supported
formats, features and innovations inside the engine and its very own
QuakeC compiler (fteqcc), it's very much considered the swiss-army
knife of Quake engines.

Core Features:
* Multiple Video Presets, for all tastes.
* Splitscreen
* IPv6
* Hybrid NQ/QW capabilities (NQ+QW clients fragging each other!)
* Multiple renderers, including OpenGL, Vulkan, D3D9, D3D11.
* BSP2, Q3BSP, other limits extended.
* Alternative view projections.
* Runs Quake, Quake2, Quake3, Hexen2, plus numerous FTE-only
* Many many many many many more things...

Game data must be placed in ~/.local/share/quake/id1 .

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