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Syncthing Tray

Qt 5-based tray application for Syncthing

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syncthingtray-1.1.12.tar.gz 0001569297 1.5 MB about 1 month
syncthingtray-rpmlintrc 0000000060 60 Bytes over 4 years
syncthingtray.changes 0000006608 6.45 KB about 1 month
syncthingtray.spec 0000011331 11.1 KB 19 days
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Kai Pastor's avatar

dg0yt wrote almost 3 years ago

syninctray is building for 7 days for Fedora_27, looping with:

[618145s] 1: - Connection error: Unable to request Syncthing status: Connection refused'

in this repository and in vcs, cf. https://build.opensuse.org/monitor/old. How about canceling it?

Marius Kittler's avatar

mkittler wrote almost 3 years ago

Thanks for letting me know. I disabled the build flag in the repository settings.

Predrag Ivanović's avatar

predivan wrote 4 days ago

Are you considering submitting this to Network/Factory at some point?

qsyncthingtray available there is basically unmaintained upstream, and syncthing-gtk is gtk3/python2 based, and python2 will likely get removed from next Leap release.

Thank you for making it available here, BTW :)

Marius Kittler's avatar

mkittler wrote 4 days ago

My requests were declined (except for c++utilities). As I wasn't willing to spend the extra work I gave up at some point I gave it up. There's actually still an open GitHub issue about it: https://github.com/Martchus/syncthingtray/issues/12

Predrag Ivanović's avatar

predivan wrote 3 days ago

Ah, OK.

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