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openSUSE Build Service reports 695 running jobs.

Project Package Repository - Build Arch Job time Build Host Host Arch
openSUSE:Factory:ARM smplayer standard - armv7l less than a minute armbuild01:3 aarch64
Mono:Factory taglib-sharp openSUSE_Factory_PPC - ppc64 less than a minute obs-power8-05:15 ppc64le
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:E dbus-1-python standard - ppc64le less than a minute obs-power8-03:13 ppc64le
GNOME:Next system-config-printer openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 1 minute obs-power8-01:20 ppc64le
devel:languages:python3 python3-quamash openSUSE_Tumbleweed - ppc64le 1 minute obs-power8-02:13 ppc64le
home:qwert2003 yacas openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 1 minute armbuild15:1 armv7l
server:mail muttprint openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 1 minute obs-arm-1:43 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-unikey standard - i586 1 minute lamb57:12 x86_64
home:XRevan86 thefuck openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 1 minute obs-arm-2:48 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-tomoe standard - i586 1 minute lamb61:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-input-pad standard - i586 1 minute build31:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-chewing standard - i586 1 minute cloud126:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-m17n standard - i586 1 minute lamb56:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-pinyin standard - i586 1 minute lamb58:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-sunpinyin standard - i586 1 minute lamb59:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-tables standard - i586 1 minute lamb60:9 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-hangul standard - i586 1 minute lamb70:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-bridge standard - i586 1 minute lamb22:10 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE python-python-daemon standard - i586 1 minute lamb54:8 x86_64
home:oholecek:fedmsg python3-cryptography openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb65:10 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE scim-canna standard - i586 1 minute lamb67:11 x86_64
home:oholecek:fedmsg python-m2ext openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute cloud101:2 x86_64
home:oholecek:fedmsg python-chai openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute cloud103:1 x86_64
home:oholecek:fedmsg python-txZMQ openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute cloud108:1 x86_64
home:oholecek:fedmsg python-txWS openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute cloud121:2 x86_64
home:oholecek:fedmsg python-ordereddict openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb53:8 x86_64
home:oholecek:fedmsg python-kitchen openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb54:2 x86_64
devel:languages:python3 python3-statsmodels openSUSE_Tumbleweed - ppc64 1 minute obs-power7-04:6 ppc64
home:oholecek:fedmsg python3-arrow openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute wildcard2:12 x86_64
home:oholecek waffle openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute cloud119:3 x86_64
home:oholecek libmicrohttpd openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb71:8 x86_64
home:oholecek xpra openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute wildcard2:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE ghc-plot standard - i586 1 minute lamb60:12 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE ghc-gtk3 standard - i586 1 minute lamb12:3 x86_64
hardware killswitch-applet openSUSE_Factory-z - s390x 1 minute s390p25:6 s390x
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE python-python-subunit standard - i586 1 minute build70:4 x86_64
home:ofsw:branches:network qutebrowser openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb22:8 x86_64
home:ofsw zim openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb58:1 x86_64
home:oehhar apache2-mod_rivet openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 1 minute cloud128:3 x86_64
home:oertel:branches:server:monitoring nagstamon openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 1 minute build84:4 x86_64
home:oertel:branches:server:monitoring nagstamon openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute build75:4 x86_64
home:rguenther:branches:KDE:Qt5 libqt5-qtwebkit openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 1 minute obs-arm-1:27 aarch64
devel:tools cppcheck openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 1 minute obs-arm-2:31 aarch64
home:lorenz python-sqlkit openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 1 minute armbuild24:1 aarch64
Application:Geo grass openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 1 minute s390p21:5 s390x
home:oertel:branches:network:telephony linphone openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 1 minute wildcard1:2 x86_64
X11:Enlightenment:Media enlightenment-testing-live images - x86_64 1 minute cloud109:3 x86_64
home:oehhar apache2-mod_rivet openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute cloud127:4 x86_64
editors emacs-magit openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 1 minute lamb58:8 x86_64
home:bruno_friedmann:branches:Application:Geo PDAL openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 1 minute obs-arm-3:13 aarch64
network:telephony linphone openSUSE_Factory_PPC - ppc64le 1 minute obs-power8-04:15 ppc64le
home:badshah400:wxWidgets hugin openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb25:10 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets usbprog openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb61:10 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets kicad openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb65:11 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets presage openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute lamb69:6 x86_64
home:scarabeus_iv:branches:graphics librecad openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 1 minute armbuild03:2 aarch64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets python-matplotlib openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute build85:4 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets gnuradio openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 1 minute cloud101:1 x86_64
GNOME:Next gtef openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 1 minute obs-power8-01:10 ppc64le
server:database mysql-workbench openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 1 minute obs-power8-03:15 ppc64le
devel:languages:haskell ghc-wild-bind-indicator openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC_standard - ppc64 1 minute obs-power8-05:14 ppc64le
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libabw standard - x86_64 1 minute build36:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libmwaw standard - x86_64 1 minute lamb21:8 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libe-book standard - x86_64 1 minute lamb26:7 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libfreehand standard - x86_64 1 minute lamb56:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libodfgen standard - x86_64 1 minute lamb64:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libetonyek standard - x86_64 1 minute lamb66:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libmspub standard - x86_64 1 minute lamb67:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libvisio standard - x86_64 1 minute cloud105:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libcdr standard - x86_64 1 minute cloud128:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD libwps standard - x86_64 1 minute lamb13:7 x86_64
GNOME:Next polari openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 1 minute obs-power8-02:1 ppc64le
home:ecsos peazip openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 2 minutes cloud122:3 x86_64
home:ecsos winff openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 2 minutes lamb67:10 x86_64
GNOME:Factory librsvg openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 2 minutes obs-power8-05:13 ppc64le
home:alois:branches:network:utilities clipgrab openSUSE_Leap_42.2_Ports - armv7l 2 minutes armbuild15:4 armv7l
home:bmwiedemann:java java-1_7_0-openjdk-bootstrap SLE_12_SP1 - x86_64 2 minutes cumulus3:1 x86_64
X11:MATE:Current mate-calc openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 2 minutes obs-power8-02:14 ppc64le
Application:Geo geoclue openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 2 minutes obs-power8-02:15 ppc64le
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE xmms2 standard - i586 2 minutes lamb14:5 x86_64
editors focuswriter openSUSE_Factory_PPC - ppc64le 2 minutes obs-power8-04:11 ppc64le
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE linuxsampler standard - i586 2 minutes lamb68:6 x86_64
multimedia:libs ffmpeg2 openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 2 minutes obs-power8-02:12 ppc64le
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE apcupsd standard - i586 2 minutes lamb09:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE inkscape standard - i586 2 minutes lamb17:5 x86_64
home:alois:branches:network:utilities clipgrab openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 2 minutes wildcard3:7 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE libgnome standard - i586 2 minutes cloud106:1 x86_64
home:alois:branches:network:utilities clipgrab openSUSE_Leap_42.1 - x86_64 2 minutes lamb60:10 x86_64
home:gpoo:mingw32 evince-win32 openSUSE_Factory - i586 2 minutes build74:2 x86_64
home:alois:branches:network:utilities clipgrab openSUSE_Leap_42.2 - x86_64 2 minutes cloud133:2 x86_64
KDE:Applications libkdegames openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 2 minutes obs-power8-01:19 ppc64le
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A tar standard - x86_64 2 minutes lamb02:4 x86_64
home:polyconvex:branches:science dolfin openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 2 minutes lamb18:4 x86_64
home:alois:branches:network:utilities clipgrab openSUSE_Leap_42.2_Ports - aarch64 2 minutes obs-arm-3:23 aarch64
home:rawtherapee rawtherapee-gtk2 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 2 minutes obs-arm-3:28 aarch64
home:alois:branches:network:utilities clipgrab openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 2 minutes obs-power8-02:16 ppc64le
home:alois:branches:network:utilities clipgrab openSUSE_Leap_42.2_Ports - ppc64le 2 minutes obs-power8-02:3 ppc64le
devel:tools codelite openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 2 minutes s390p24:3 s390x
home:alois:branches:network:utilities clipgrab openSUSE_Factory - i586 2 minutes cloud104:2 x86_64
home:alois:branches:network:utilities clipgrab openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc 2 minutes obs-power8-05:10 ppc64le
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE seamonkey standard - x86_64 2 minutes lamb70:5 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE planner standard - x86_64 2 minutes lamb12:7 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A tar standard - i586 2 minutes build83:3 x86_64
server:database mysql-workbench openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 2 minutes obs-power8-05:1 ppc64le
home:polyconvex:branches:science dolfin openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 2 minutes cloud112:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE kdeartwork3 standard - x86_64 2 minutes lamb11:8 x86_64
multimedia:apps xine-lib openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 2 minutes obs-power8-01:7 ppc64le
home:oertel:branches:network:telephony linphone openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 2 minutes armbuild25:2 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE ignuit standard - x86_64 2 minutes cloud116:2 x86_64
home:polyconvex:branches:science dolfin openSUSE_Leap_42.2 - x86_64 2 minutes lamb16:8 x86_64
home:hiberis:wix mingw32-libpng openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 2 minutes cloud123:4 x86_64
home:hiberis:wix mingw32-libpng openSUSE_Factory - i586 2 minutes lamb62:7 x86_64
home:jzheng:branches:multimedia:apps deadbeef openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 2 minutes obs-power8-02:17 ppc64le
Virtualization:Appliances:Images:Testing_x86 test-image-vmx images - x86_64 2 minutes cloud107:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE python-gnome standard - x86_64 2 minutes cloud117:2 x86_64
home:oddball33:pg postgresql93 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 2 minutes lamb26:5 x86_64
Virtualization:Appliances:Images:Testing_x86 test-image-orthos-oem images - x86_64 2 minutes cloud118:3 x86_64
Virtualization:Appliances:Images:Testing_x86 test-image-oem images - x86_64 2 minutes cloud124:1 x86_64
Virtualization:Appliances:Images:Testing_x86 test-image-pxe images - x86_64 2 minutes cloud124:2 x86_64
home:e9925248:grandorgue wxGTK3-3_0 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 2 minutes armbuild18:3 armv7l
Virtualization:Appliances:Images:Testing_x86 test-image-docker images - x86_64 2 minutes cloud123:3 x86_64
Virtualization:Appliances:Images dice-image-vagrant-libvirt images - x86_64 2 minutes lamb62:8 x86_64
Virtualization:Appliances:Images dice-image-docker images - x86_64 2 minutes wildcard2:11 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE MozillaThunderbird standard - x86_64 3 minutes lamb63:5 x86_64
X11:MATE:Current libmateweather openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 3 minutes obs-arm-2:7 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE MozillaFirefox standard - x86_64 3 minutes lamb58:7 x86_64
Virtualization virtualbox Kernel_stable_standard - x86_64 3 minutes lamb64:1 x86_64
Virtualization virtualbox Kernel_HEAD_standard - x86_64 3 minutes lamb69:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE pantheon-files standard - i586 3 minutes cloud108:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE gedit-plugins standard - i586 3 minutes lamb61:1 x86_64
home:mnhauke:osmocom osmo-st-smpp openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 3 minutes obs-arm-2:23 aarch64
GNOME:Next gegl openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 3 minutes obs-power8-02:7 ppc64le
home:darix:darktable:master darktable openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 3 minutes cloud126:1 x86_64
security passwordsafe openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 3 minutes obs-power8-01:2 ppc64le
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD taglib standard - x86_64 3 minutes cloud119:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD dirac standard - x86_64 3 minutes cloud131:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD gegl standard - x86_64 3 minutes lamb13:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD eigen3 standard - x86_64 3 minutes lamb70:10 x86_64
home:cesarizu:branches:GNOME:Factory gtk3 openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 3 minutes obs-power8-05:2 ppc64le
home:wsxy162:devel wxWidgets-3_2 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 3 minutes obs-arm-3:22 aarch64
home:vliaskovitis:branches:Virtualization qemu-testsuite openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 3 minutes obs-power8-05:4 ppc64le
editors emacs-bbdb openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 3 minutes cloud130:2 x86_64
editors emacs-auctex openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 3 minutes lamb54:7 x86_64
mozilla:beta seamonkey openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 3 minutes armbuild04:3 aarch64
Virtualization virtualbox openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - x86_64 3 minutes lamb60:6 x86_64
home:hillwood imsettings openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 3 minutes obs-arm-2:25 aarch64
home:pluskalm:branches:X11:Utilities kupfer openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 3 minutes obs-arm-1:48 aarch64
devel:languages:misc falcon openSUSE_Factory - s390x 3 minutes s390p21:3 s390x
home:wsxy162 dolphin-emu openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 3 minutes obs-arm-1:37 aarch64
home:vliaskovitis:branches:Virtualization qemu-testsuite openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 3 minutes obs-power8-04:14 ppc64le
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A boost standard - i586 3 minutes lamb04:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A fftw3 standard - i586 3 minutes lamb54:12 x86_64
Virtualization spice-gtk openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 3 minutes obs-power8-01:6 ppc64le
GNOME:Next geany openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 4 minutes obs-power8-05:20 ppc64le
OBS:Server:Unstable obs-server openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 4 minutes lamb63:10 x86_64
devel:libraries:c_c++ libwmf openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 4 minutes s390p22:7 s390x
home:-miska-:arm swift-im openSUSE_Tumbleweed - aarch64 4 minutes obs-arm-1:28 aarch64
graphics cgal openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 4 minutes obs-power8-02:10 ppc64le
home:wolfi323:branches:KDE:Applications kfind openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 4 minutes obs-power7-04:1 ppc64
network:telephony linphone openSUSE_Factory_PPC - ppc64 4 minutes obs-power7-04:5 ppc64
Publishing mupdf openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 4 minutes obs-power8-04:6 ppc64le
X11:common:Factory arc-gtk-theme openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 4 minutes obs-arm-3:20 aarch64
home:oddball33:server libapr1 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 4 minutes wildcard2:6 x86_64
home:oddball33:gimp lapack openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 4 minutes lamb03:5 x86_64
home:draht gtk1-compat openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 4 minutes obs-arm-3:48 aarch64
home:oddball33:main lapack openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 4 minutes wildcard2:8 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM siproxd standard - armv7l 4 minutes armbuild04:1 aarch64
LibreOffice:Factory libreoffice openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 4 minutes lamb75:7 x86_64
Kernel:stable:KMP virtualbox standard - x86_64 4 minutes lamb14:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD git standard - x86_64 4 minutes lamb65:3 x86_64
Publishing equalx openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 5 minutes obs-power7-04:2 ppc64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A gtk3 standard - i586 5 minutes lamb01:8 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A ghostscript standard - i586 5 minutes lamb11:6 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A gtk2 standard - i586 5 minutes lamb18:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:1-MinimalX graphviz-plugins standard - i586 5 minutes cloud129:4 x86_64
home:mkittler syncthingtray openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 5 minutes obs-arm-1:30 aarch64
Kernel:HEAD:KMP virtualbox standard - x86_64 5 minutes lamb69:12 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE slurm standard - i586 5 minutes lamb65:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE rawstudio standard - i586 5 minutes cloud115:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE php7-imagick standard - i586 5 minutes cloud130:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE nemiver standard - i586 5 minutes cloud125:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE wt standard - i586 5 minutes cloud112:3 x86_64
home:stroeder:branches:home:malcolmlewis:TESTING ntpsec openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 5 minutes obs-arm-2:1 aarch64
home:benoit_monin:branches:server:monitoring collectd openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 6 minutes armbuild21:2 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE libQtWebKit4 standard - i586 6 minutes lamb24:10 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE libqt5-qtbase standard - i586 6 minutes cloud115:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE fontforge standard - i586 6 minutes lamb25:8 x86_64
home:maxiotis:talys talys18 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 6 minutes build36:6 x86_64
home:MediaArea_net:snapshots MediaConch openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 6 minutes obs-power8-02:5 ppc64le
Java:Factory java-1_8_0-openjdk openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 6 minutes build70:1 x86_64
Java:Factory java-1_7_0-openjdk openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 6 minutes build73:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:1-MinimalX gtk2 standard - ppc64le 6 minutes obs-power8-03:9 ppc64le
home:Vogtinator:firebird-emu firebird-emu openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 6 minutes obs-arm-2:28 aarch64
home:torhans Ethernut openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 6 minutes obs-arm-3:2 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD gstreamer-plugins-base standard - ppc64le 6 minutes obs-power8-05:17 ppc64le
home:malcolmlewis:branches:server:mail claws-mail openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 7 minutes armbuild26:1 aarch64
home:derselbst:anmp anmp-4 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 7 minutes obs-arm-3:11 aarch64
GNOME:Apps gnumeric openSUSE_Factory+GNOME_Factory - x86_64 7 minutes lamb15:6 x86_64
OBS:Server:Unstable OBS-WorkerOnly-pxe images_arm - armv7l 7 minutes armbuild01:1 aarch64
Virtualization:Staging qemu openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 7 minutes obs-power8-05:8 ppc64le
Virtualization:Staging qemu openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 8 minutes obs-power8-01:3 ppc64le
devel:tools:building cmake-gui openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 8 minutes armbuild25:1 aarch64
home:michals MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 8 minutes obs-arm-3:21 aarch64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD enblend-enfuse standard - x86_64 8 minutes cloud125:2 x86_64
server:database erlang openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 8 minutes s390p21:1 s390x
science vtk openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 8 minutes obs-power8-03:11 ppc64le
devel:languages:haskell:lts:8 ghc-gtk3 openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 8 minutes obs-power8-05:16 ppc64le
devel:tools:scm hgview openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 8 minutes s390p22:5 s390x
X11:Utilities gkrellm openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 8 minutes obs-arm-2:22 aarch64
home:nuklly libtelegram-qt5 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 8 minutes build33:2 x86_64
home:nuklly nvidia-driver openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 8 minutes lamb28:7 x86_64
home:nuklly hplip openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 8 minutes lamb53:7 x86_64
Publishing dita-ot openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 8 minutes obs-arm-3:25 aarch64
home:KGronlund:branches:devel:languages:misc racket openSUSE_Factory - ppc64 8 minutes obs-power7-04:4 ppc64
security passwordsafe openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 8 minutes obs-arm-1:6 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE lilypond standard - x86_64 9 minutes lamb64:10 x86_64
home:rawtherapee rawtherapee-unstable openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 9 minutes obs-power8-03:14 ppc64le
utilities growl-for-linux openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 9 minutes armbuild23:3 aarch64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets vtk openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 9 minutes lamb24:9 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets octave openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 9 minutes lamb06:4 x86_64
devel:libraries:c_c++ libbraille openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 9 minutes obs-arm-1:18 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM gpaste standard - armv7l 9 minutes armbuild17:2 armv7l
home:netsroth:branches:network:pidgin telegram-purple openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 9 minutes armbuild17:4 armv7l
home:sreeves1:branches:GNOME:Next gtk3 openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 9 minutes obs-power8-04:16 ppc64le
KDE:Qt libQtWebKit4 openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 9 minutes obs-power8-04:7 ppc64le
home:federico-mena:branches:GNOME:Next webkit2gtk3 openSUSE_Factory - i586 10 minutes lamb53:5 x86_64
home:mnhauke:sdr pothos openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l 10 minutes lamb02:7 x86_64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A net-snmp standard - i586 10 minutes build80:2 x86_64
home:JonathanKang:branches:GNOME:Factory gnome-settings-daemon openSUSE_PPC - ppc64 10 minutes obs-power7-04:3 ppc64
network:telephony openh323 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 10 minutes obs-arm-2:16 aarch64
home:nry297o4mn1tyc9qss06:branches:mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox_wayland openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 10 minutes build74:1 x86_64
home:nry297o4mn1tyc9qss06:branches:mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox_wayland openSUSE_Factory_pure - x86_64 10 minutes lamb59:3 x86_64
devel:languages:ocaml plplot openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 10 minutes obs-arm-2:42 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM gnucash standard - armv7l 11 minutes armbuild14:4 armv7l
Archiving amanda openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 11 minutes armbuild03:3 aarch64
server:monitoring conky openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 11 minutes obs-arm-1:25 aarch64
hamradio qsstv openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 11 minutes armbuild15:2 armv7l
home:pluskalm:branches:filesystems blktrace openSUSE_Tumbleweed - aarch64 11 minutes obs-arm-1:12 aarch64
graphics ImageMagick openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 11 minutes obs-arm-3:47 aarch64
X11:Cinnamon:Current cjs openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 11 minutes obs-arm-3:9 aarch64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A libqt4 standard - x86_64 11 minutes cloud107:4 x86_64
home:GroverChouT zbar openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 11 minutes obs-arm-3:43 aarch64
home:bruno_friedmann:branches:Application:Geo PDAL openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 12 minutes obs-power8-03:16 ppc64le
home:bruno_friedmann:branches:Application:Geo PDAL openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 12 minutes obs-power8-04:9 ppc64le
Application:Geo sfcgal openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 12 minutes obs-power8-04:20 ppc64le
devel:tools codelite openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 12 minutes obs-power8-02:2 ppc64le
M17N ibus openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 12 minutes armbuild14:2 armv7l
home:badshah400:wxWidgets codelite openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 12 minutes lamb21:5 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets python-wxWidgets-3_0 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 12 minutes cloud118:2 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets aegisub openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 12 minutes lamb13:6 x86_64
home:rguenther:branches:Java:Factory java-1_8_0-openjdk openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 12 minutes obs-arm-2:29 aarch64
home:draht qemu openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 12 minutes obs-power8-03:6 ppc64le
home:a_faerber:branches:openSUSE:Factory:ARM JeOS-fireflyrk3288 images - armv7l 12 minutes armbuild17:3 armv7l
home:sqozz:branches:home:wilbertnl mpd openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 13 minutes armbuild18:2 armv7l
home:cbosdonnat:branches:Virtualization:containers:images:openSUSE-Tumbleweed openSUSE-Tumbleweed-docker-image images - aarch64 13 minutes obs-arm-2:43 aarch64
system:install:head installation-images:openSUSE openSUSE_Factory_standard - x86_64 13 minutes cloud137:1 x86_64
home:bfrogers:branches:Virtualization qemu openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 13 minutes obs-arm-2:37 aarch64
X11:Compiz compiz-emerald openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 13 minutes obs-arm-3:41 aarch64
devel:tools:building cmake-gui openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 13 minutes obs-arm-1:46 aarch64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A swig standard - x86_64 13 minutes cloud132:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE wesnoth standard - x86_64 14 minutes cloud132:2 x86_64
GNOME:Next webkitgtk openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 14 minutes obs-power8-01:13 ppc64le
home:badshah400:wxWidgets erlang openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 14 minutes lamb01:5 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets codelite openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 14 minutes lamb08:4 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets aegisub openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 14 minutes lamb55:6 x86_64
home:pontostroy:X11 wine openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 15 minutes lamb16:3 x86_64
devel:tools codelite openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 15 minutes obs-power8-02:9 ppc64le
hardware lshw openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 15 minutes armbuild22:4 aarch64
multimedia:libs gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 15 minutes obs-arm-3:14 aarch64
devel:tools:building meson openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 15 minutes s390p22:10 s390x
Application:Geo:Staging sfcgal openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 15 minutes obs-power8-04:8 ppc64le
home:ecsos musescore2 openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 15 minutes cloud114:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD MozillaFirefox standard - x86_64 15 minutes lamb22:6 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD MozillaThunderbird standard - x86_64 15 minutes lamb70:9 x86_64
Java:Factory java-1_7_0-openjdk-bootstrap openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 15 minutes obs-arm-1:39 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:1-MinimalX libqt5-qtbase standard - i586 16 minutes lamb69:9 x86_64
home:marxin:avr cross-rx-gcc6 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 16 minutes build71:3 x86_64
home:rguenther:branches:Java:Factory java-1_8_0-openjdk openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 16 minutes obs-power8-03:3 ppc64le
devel:languages:misc racket openSUSE_Factory - aarch64 16 minutes obs-arm-3:10 aarch64
server:mail libvmime openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 17 minutes armbuild04:4 aarch64
home:WernerFink:branches:editors emacs.editors editors_openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 17 minutes cloud120:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE racket standard - x86_64 17 minutes lamb53:3 x86_64
home:adamm:branches:devel:libraries:c_c++ calligra openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 17 minutes lamb68:8 x86_64
home:antonbatenev:tox qtox-alpha openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 17 minutes obs-arm-1:41 aarch64
home:ecsos wireshark openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 18 minutes build33:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE inkscape standard - x86_64 18 minutes lamb52:8 x86_64
home:LSZhu:branches:network:utilities wireshark openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 18 minutes obs-arm-2:44 aarch64
home:ecsos hugin openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 18 minutes lamb56:3 x86_64
devel:languages:ocaml ocaml-lablgtk2 openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 18 minutes s390p22:4 s390x
home:StefanBruens:branches:devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:Pine64 JeOS-pine64 images - aarch64 18 minutes obs-arm-1:35 aarch64
home:mnhauke:sdr CubicSDR openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 18 minutes obs-arm-1:9 aarch64
GNOME:Next webkitgtk3 openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 18 minutes obs-power8-02:4 ppc64le
Emulators wxWidgets-3_2 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 18 minutes obs-arm-1:29 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM love standard - armv7l 18 minutes armbuild14:3 armv7l
home:mnhauke QOwnNotes openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 18 minutes obs-arm-3:39 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild digikam standard - x86_64 18 minutes lamb19:7 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild calligra standard - x86_64 18 minutes wildcard2:15 x86_64
home:badshah400:branches:science Herwig openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 19 minutes cloud121:1 x86_64
home:badshah400:branches:science Herwig openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 19 minutes lamb07:2 x86_64
server:mail:kopano kopano openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 19 minutes obs-arm-3:32 aarch64
home:KGronlund:branches:devel:languages:misc racket openSUSE_Factory - ppc64le 19 minutes obs-power8-05:9 ppc64le
home:badshah400:branches:science Herwig openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 20 minutes cloud106:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM lxc standard - armv7l 20 minutes armbuild22:1 aarch64
home:netsroth:branches:LibreOffice:Factory libreoffice openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 20 minutes cloud135:2 x86_64
home:Subsurface-Divelog Subsurface openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 21 minutes obs-arm-1:7 aarch64
home:adrianSuSE:AppImage Subsurface AppImage.rpm_hook - x86_64 21 minutes lamb19:4 x86_64
home:Subsurface-Divelog Subsurface Fedora_24 - i586 21 minutes cloud113:3 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets32 vtk openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 22 minutes lamb60:5 x86_64
OBS:Server:Unstable OBS-WorkerOnly-pxe-efi-aarch64 images_arm - aarch64 22 minutes obs-arm-1:44 aarch64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets32 octave openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 22 minutes lamb18:7 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets32 paraview openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 22 minutes lamb24:11 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A:DVD marble standard - x86_64 22 minutes build32:4 x86_64
Virtualization:Staging qemu openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 22 minutes obs-arm-2:17 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE vegastrike standard - x86_64 23 minutes lamb67:9 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE sbcl standard - i586 23 minutes lamb22:3 x86_64
X11:windowmanagers sawfish openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 23 minutes obs-arm-3:31 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE wt standard - x86_64 23 minutes lamb62:6 x86_64
home:federico-mena:branches:GNOME:Next webkit2gtk3 openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 23 minutes obs-power8-01:8 ppc64le
home:xiaoguang_wang:branches:office:goldendict goldendict-master openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 23 minutes obs-arm-3:26 aarch64
devel:languages:erlang:Factory erlang openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 23 minutes obs-arm-1:3 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE libQtWebKit4 standard - x86_64 23 minutes lamb28:2 x86_64
office:goldendict goldendict-master openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 23 minutes obs-arm-2:4 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE libqt5-qtbase standard - x86_64 23 minutes lamb69:4 x86_64
home:slmingol R-practice CentOS_6 - x86_64 24 minutes cloud104:3 x86_64
mozilla:beta seamonkey openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 24 minutes obs-arm-1:26 aarch64
home:xiaoguang_wang:branches:my_goldendict goldendict-master openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 24 minutes obs-arm-3:4 aarch64
home:bekun:devel elektra openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 25 minutes armbuild25:3 aarch64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets32 erlang openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 25 minutes cloud109:1 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets32 codelite openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 25 minutes lamb05:3 x86_64
GNOME:Next webkit2gtk3 openSUSE_PPC - ppc64le 26 minutes obs-power8-03:12 ppc64le
home:g-maxime:branches:home:MediaArea_net MediaConch openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 26 minutes armbuild01:4 aarch64
OBS:Server:Unstable OBS-WorkerOnly-pxe images_zSystems - s390x 26 minutes s390p21:4 s390x
Application:Geo:Staging cgal openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 26 minutes obs-arm-3:35 aarch64
devel:gcc gdb assist_repo_checker - i586 27 minutes cloud117:4 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_13.2_ARM - armv7l 27 minutes armbuild26:5 aarch64
graphics gimp-help openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 28 minutes wildcard1:1 x86_64
home:mrdocs:scribus-15.x scribus openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 28 minutes build81:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD libQtWebKit4 standard - x86_64 28 minutes lamb16:6 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:1-MinimalX libqt5-qtbase standard - x86_64 28 minutes build30:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE webkitgtk3 standard - x86_64 29 minutes lamb09:6 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE webkit2gtk3 standard - x86_64 29 minutes lamb15:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE webkitgtk standard - x86_64 29 minutes lamb19:5 x86_64
home:rguenther:branches:Java:Factory java-1_8_0-openjdk openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 30 minutes obs-power8-01:15 ppc64le
home:jmairboeck libqt5-qtbase openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 30 minutes obs-arm-3:46 aarch64
home:13ilya:GTK2 MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 31 minutes obs-arm-3:15 aarch64
windows:mingw:win32 mingw32-webkitgtk3 openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 31 minutes cloud114:1 x86_64
windows:mingw:win32 mingw32-webkitgtk openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 32 minutes cloud111:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild virtualbox standard - x86_64 32 minutes lamb56:9 x86_64
home:KGronlund:branches:devel:languages:misc racket openSUSE_Factory - s390x 32 minutes s390p21:8 s390x
home:bfrogers:branches:Virtualization qemu openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 32 minutes obs-power8-05:18 ppc64le
KDE:Qt libqt4 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 32 minutes obs-arm-2:24 aarch64
home:a_faerber:branches:Virtualization:Staging qemu openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 32 minutes s390p21:7 s390x
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild kde-l10n standard - x86_64 32 minutes lamb52:11 x86_64
windows:mingw:win64 mingw64-webkitgtk3 openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 33 minutes build78:3 x86_64
windows:mingw:win64 mingw64-webkitgtk openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 33 minutes cloud111:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild blender standard - x86_64 33 minutes lamb76:2 x86_64
home:mvyskocil:branches:Virtualization qemu Kernel_HEAD_standard - x86_64 33 minutes lamb66:10 x86_64
home:mvyskocil:branches:Virtualization qemu Kernel_stable_standard - x86_64 33 minutes lamb01:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild FreeCAD standard - x86_64 33 minutes lamb27:6 x86_64
Documentation:Tools sigil openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 33 minutes obs-arm-3:7 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A:DVD MozillaFirefox standard - x86_64 34 minutes lamb53:11 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A:DVD MozillaThunderbird standard - x86_64 34 minutes lamb77:2 x86_64
home:bfrogers:branches:Virtualization qemu openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 34 minutes obs-power8-01:18 ppc64le
M17N ibus openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 34 minutes obs-arm-3:19 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild seamonkey standard - x86_64 34 minutes lamb74:7 x86_64
graphics blender openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 35 minutes lamb72:5 x86_64
graphics luxrender openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 35 minutes lamb27:5 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild sbcl standard - x86_64 35 minutes lamb58:5 x86_64
windows:mingw:win32 mingw32-texlive openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 35 minutes lamb68:7 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild racket standard - x86_64 35 minutes build34:6 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE racket standard - i586 35 minutes lamb61:2 x86_64
Java:Factory java-1_7_0-openjdk-bootstrap openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l 35 minutes lamb76:8 x86_64
X11:wxWidgets wxWidgets-3_0 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 36 minutes armbuild03:4 aarch64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout CentOS_7 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb24:4 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout CentOS_6 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb55:9 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout CentOS_6 - i586 36 minutes lamb23:12 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_13.1 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb26:9 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout SLE_12 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb52:1 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout SLE_12_Backports - x86_64 36 minutes lamb61:12 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout SLE_11_SP4 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb64:7 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout SLE_12_SP2 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb67:3 x86_64
GNOME:Next webkitgtk openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 36 minutes lamb03:7 x86_64
GNOME:Next webkitgtk3 openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 36 minutes lamb07:7 x86_64
GNOME:Next webkit2gtk3 openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 36 minutes lamb10:8 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 36 minutes lamb05:2 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_13.2 - i586 36 minutes lamb06:3 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_13.2 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb11:4 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout SLE_11_SP4 - i586 36 minutes lamb28:3 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_13.1 - i586 36 minutes lamb78:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE vegastrike standard - i586 36 minutes lamb59:6 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_Leap_42.1 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb05:5 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_Leap_42.2 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb06:2 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_Leap_42.3 - x86_64 36 minutes lamb10:3 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_Leap_42.1 - i586 36 minutes lamb66:1 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 36 minutes build72:3 x86_64
home:burnus:branches:home:koefferl67:branches:Education klayout openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 36 minutes build82:4 x86_64
windows:mingw:win64 mingw64-texlive openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 37 minutes lamb55:5 x86_64
GNOME:Factory webkitgtk openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 37 minutes lamb78:8 x86_64
GNOME:Factory webkitgtk3 openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 37 minutes lamb26:10 x86_64
GNOME:Factory webkit2gtk3 openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 37 minutes lamb74:1 x86_64
server:database:postgresql pgadmin3 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 37 minutes armbuild03:5 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild paraview standard - x86_64 37 minutes lamb07:1 x86_64
home:badshah400:branches:science paraview openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 37 minutes lamb28:6 x86_64
home:msmeissn:branches:network:utilities wireshark openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 37 minutes obs-arm-3:44 aarch64
Printing hplip openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 37 minutes obs-arm-1:40 aarch64
KDE:Distro:Factory python-kde4 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 37 minutes obs-arm-2:47 aarch64
home:jmairboeck libqt5-qtbase openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 37 minutes obs-power8-04:2 ppc64le
home:benoit_monin:branches:server:monitoring collectd openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 38 minutes obs-arm-2:35 aarch64
windows:mingw:win64 mingw64-webkitgtk3 openSUSE_Factory - i586 38 minutes cloud103:4 x86_64
windows:mingw:win64 mingw64-webkitgtk openSUSE_Factory - i586 38 minutes lamb08:8 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild lilypond-doc standard - x86_64 38 minutes lamb22:2 x86_64
windows:mingw:win32 mingw32-webkitgtk openSUSE_Factory - i586 38 minutes lamb73:5 x86_64
windows:mingw:win32 mingw32-webkitgtk3 openSUSE_Factory - i586 38 minutes lamb75:6 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild libqt5-creator standard - x86_64 38 minutes lamb59:9 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE webkitgtk3 standard - i586 38 minutes build82:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE webkit2gtk3 standard - i586 38 minutes build82:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE webkitgtk standard - i586 38 minutes lamb78:6 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild krita standard - x86_64 38 minutes lamb21:2 x86_64
server:database erlang openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 39 minutes obs-arm-1:32 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild kicad standard - x86_64 39 minutes lamb09:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild kdelibs4-apidocs standard - x86_64 39 minutes lamb52:4 x86_64
home:badshah400:wxWidgets32 codelite openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 39 minutes lamb62:5 x86_64
home:StefanBruens:branches:electronics:GIT pulseview openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 39 minutes obs-arm-1:34 aarch64
windows:mingw:win64 mingw64-texlive openSUSE_Factory - i586 39 minutes lamb20:4 x86_64
KDE:Distro:Factory kdebase4-workspace oS_Factory_Standard - x86_64 39 minutes cloud129:1 x86_64
mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 40 minutes obs-arm-3:3 aarch64
home:wolfi323:branches:Emulators vice openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 40 minutes obs-arm-3:8 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild gimp-help standard - x86_64 41 minutes wildcard3:5 x86_64
editors emacs openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 41 minutes armbuild26:3 aarch64
home:vliaskovitis:branches:Virtualization qemu openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 41 minutes s390p21:2 s390x
home:vliaskovitis:branches:Virtualization qemu openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 41 minutes obs-arm-2:46 aarch64
home:michals MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le 42 minutes obs-power8-04:4 ppc64le
home:embar- PSPP-master openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 42 minutes obs-arm-2:30 aarch64
home:michals MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 42 minutes obs-power8-04:17 ppc64le
GNOME:Next webkitgtk openSUSE_Factory - i586 42 minutes lamb07:4 x86_64
GNOME:Next webkit2gtk3 openSUSE_Factory - i586 42 minutes build84:2 x86_64
GNOME:Next webkitgtk3 openSUSE_Factory - i586 42 minutes lamb12:2 x86_64
home:adamm:branches:devel:libraries:c_c++ blender openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 42 minutes build34:1 x86_64
Application:Geo:Staging cgal openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x 43 minutes s390p23:1 s390x
home:Subsurface-Divelog Subsurface-beta openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 43 minutes armbuild01:6 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A:DVD libreoffice standard - x86_64 43 minutes lamb77:6 x86_64
windows:mingw:win32 mingw32-texlive openSUSE_Factory - i586 43 minutes lamb17:2 x86_64
GNOME:Factory webkitgtk openSUSE_Factory - i586 44 minutes lamb21:10 x86_64
GNOME:Factory webkitgtk3 openSUSE_Factory - i586 44 minutes lamb63:2 x86_64
GNOME:Factory webkit2gtk3 openSUSE_Factory - i586 44 minutes lamb57:5 x86_64
home:adamm:branches:devel:libraries:c_c++ kicad openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb27:12 x86_64
X11:Compiz:Compiz-0.9 compiz openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild19:2 armv7l
M17N ibus-typing-booster openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb25:4 x86_64
home:adamm:branches:devel:libraries:c_c++ libreoffice openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb73:4 x86_64
home:adamm:branches:devel:libraries:c_c++ kicad openSUSE_Factory - i586 about 1 hour lamb71:6 x86_64
home:moose moose openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild21:4 aarch64
home:matwey:branches:devel:languages:erlang:Factory erlang openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:17 aarch64
home:marxin:avr gcc6-testresults openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb72:8 x86_64
Java:Factory java-1_7_0-openjdk-bootstrap SLE_12 - x86_64 about 1 hour build77:1 x86_64
home:michel_mno:branches:mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild15:3 armv7l
Java:Factory java-1_6_0-openjdk SLE_12 - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb23:7 x86_64
devel:languages:misc racket openSUSE_Factory - ppc64le about 1 hour obs-power8-03:1 ppc64le
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc about 1 hour obs-power8-03:8 ppc64le
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild subversion standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb66:3 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk SLE_12 - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb74:2 x86_64
home:g-maxime:branches:home:MediaArea_net QCTools openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:34 aarch64
home:msmeissn:branches:network:utilities wireshark openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb10:1 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_Leap_42.2 - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb73:7 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_42.1 - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb74:8 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk SLE_12_SP1 - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb78:4 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 about 1 hour lamb78:5 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_13.2 - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb71:4 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_13.1 - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb74:5 x86_64
home:scarabeus_iv:branches:graphics librecad openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-2:32 aarch64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_13.2 - i586 about 1 hour build35:6 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_42.1 - i586 about 1 hour lamb73:2 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_13.1 - i586 about 1 hour build83:4 x86_64
home:e9925248:grandorgue wxGTK3-3_0 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:11 aarch64
devel:languages:misc racket openSUSE_Factory - ppc64 about 1 hour obs-power8-01:16 ppc64le
home:darix:darktable:master darktable openSUSE_Tumbleweed_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:24 aarch64
home:michel_mno:branches:mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64 about 1 hour obs-power8-04:10 ppc64le
home:TheBlackCat:branches:KDE:Qt5 python-qt4 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild24:2 aarch64
home:bekun:devel elektra openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-2:26 aarch64
devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:Pine64 JeOS-pine64 images - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:33 aarch64
devel:languages:go golang-gopkgin-qml.v1 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:38 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild qemu standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb65:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD webkitgtk standard - x86_64 about 1 hour build79:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD webkitgtk3 standard - x86_64 about 1 hour build85:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:2-TestDVD webkit2gtk3 standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb15:2 x86_64
home:a_faerber:branches:openSUSE:Factory:ARM JeOS-hikey images - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:47 aarch64
devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:OdroidC2 JeOS-odroidc2 images - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:10 aarch64
home:TheBlackCat:branches:KDE:Qt5 python-qt4 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-2:38 aarch64
home:scarabeus_iv:branches:network:utilities wireshark openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:30 aarch64
home:bruno_friedmann:branches:Application:Geo PDAL openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 1 hour s390p22:3 s390x
editors emacs openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 1 hour s390p23:7 s390x
home:MediaArea_net:snapshots QCTools openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-2:11 aarch64
devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi JeOS-raspberrypi images - armv6l about 1 hour build75:1 x86_64
Virtualization virtualbox Assist_repo_checker - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb08:7 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM JeOS:JeOS-raspberrypi factory - armv6l about 1 hour lamb28:8 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:PIE _product:openSUSE-ftp-ftp-i586_x86_64 images - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb21:12 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild webkit2gtk3 standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb56:10 x86_64
network:utilities wireshark openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:24 aarch64
mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le about 1 hour obs-power8-01:11 ppc64le
home:AsamK:RetroShare RetroShare06 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild24:3 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild MozillaThunderbird standard - x86_64 about 1 hour cloud134:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild MozillaFirefox standard - x86_64 about 1 hour build71:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild glade standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb64:5 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild vtk standard - x86_64 about 1 hour build72:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild webkitgtk3 standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb52:9 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild libqt5-qtwebengine standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb70:11 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild java-1_7_0-openjdk-bootstrap standard - x86_64 about 1 hour build76:3 x86_64
home:NMoreyChaisemartin:branches:science:HPC:rdma-core openmpi2 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:6 aarch64
home:NMoreyChaisemartin:branches:science:HPC:rdma-core openmpi2 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild19:1 armv7l
editors emacs openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-2:39 aarch64
openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Staging:A:DVD webkit2gtk3 standard - x86_64 about 1 hour build72:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:zSystems creduce standard - s390x about 1 hour s390p22:6 s390x
openSUSE:Factory libreoffice standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb75:5 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:zSystems cabal-install standard - s390x about 1 hour s390p22:12 s390x
server:mail:kopano libvmime openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 1 hour s390p22:1 s390x
server:database:postgresql pgadmin3 openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 1 hour s390p22:11 s390x
home:bfrogers:branches:Virtualization qemu openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 1 hour s390p22:9 s390x
Virtualization:Staging qemu openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 1 hour s390p22:2 s390x
devel:tools:statica frama-c openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 1 hour s390p22:8 s390x
server:database:postgresql pgadmin3 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:5 aarch64
devel:languages:misc clisp openSUSE_Factory - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild22:2 aarch64
hardware:sdr gnuradio openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:45 aarch64
Virtualization qemu openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:22 aarch64
X11:Compiz:Compiz-0.9 compiz openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:42 aarch64
Emulators:Wine wine openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild17:1 armv7l
OBS:Server:Unstable OBS-WorkerOnly-pxe images_arm - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:1 aarch64
home:mnhauke:sdr-devel gnuradio openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-2:18 aarch64
Emulators:Wine wine openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:29 aarch64
home:michel_mno:branches:mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-2:10 aarch64
home:jmairboeck libqt5-qtbase openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour lamb25:7 x86_64
home:dj9pz:branches:hamradio cqrlog openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour lamb20:2 x86_64
home:bekun:devel elektra openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour build36:4 x86_64
home:michel_mno:branches:mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_PowerPC - ppc64le about 1 hour obs-power8-04:1 ppc64le
home:StefanBruens:branches:electronics pulseview openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour cloud120:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM libreoffice standard - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-2:40 aarch64
home:rguenther:branches:Java:Factory java-1_8_0-openjdk openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour build71:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild seamonkey standard - i586 about 1 hour lamb68:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild racket standard - i586 about 1 hour build30:5 x86_64
home:mnhauke wireshark openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour lamb78:7 x86_64
network:telephony:asterisk-13 asterisk openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour cloud105:1 x86_64
home:nry297o4mn1tyc9qss06:branches:mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox_wayland openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour cloud127:3 x86_64
network:telephony i4l-base openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour lamb23:2 x86_64
network:telephony asterisk openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour lamb23:3 x86_64
mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour build76:4 x86_64
home:mnhauke:sdr python-pyside openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour build31:5 x86_64
home:michel_mno:branches:mozilla:Factory MozillaFirefox openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv6l about 1 hour lamb52:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A:DVD libqt5-qtwebengine standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb03:2 x86_64
Virtualization virtualbox Assist_repo_checker - i586 about 1 hour lamb59:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild webkit2gtk3 standard - i586 about 1 hour build78:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild MozillaThunderbird standard - i586 about 1 hour build81:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory mariadb standard - i586 about 1 hour build77:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory kernel-default standard - i586 about 1 hour lamb72:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM JeOS:JeOS-vexpress64 images - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:16 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM JeOS:JeOS-raspberrypi3.aarch64 images - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:42 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM JeOS:JeOS-efi.aarch64 images - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-2:27 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM JeOS:JeOS-efi-pxe.aarch64 images - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:13 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM JeOS:JeOS-efi-devel.aarch64 images - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:36 aarch64
GNOME:Factory bundle-lang-gnome openSUSE_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:4 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory kernel-syzkaller standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb76:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild kernel-syzkaller standard - x86_64 about 1 hour cumulus3:3 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM mysql-community-server standard - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild25:4 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:PowerPC libreoffice standard - ppc64le about 1 hour obs-power8-01:12 ppc64le
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild kernel-debug standard - i586 about 1 hour lamb78:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild mariadb standard - i586 about 1 hour lamb57:4 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild kernel-default standard - i586 about 1 hour lamb72:2 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory kernel-debug standard - i586 about 1 hour lamb76:6 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:ARM mysql-community-server standard - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-1:45 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory _product:openSUSE-ftp-ftp-i586_x86_64 images - local about 1 hour typhoon1:1 local
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild libreoffice standard - x86_64 about 1 hour lamb77:4 x86_64
devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:ILP32 mysql-community-server standard - aarch64_ilp32 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:37 aarch64
devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:ILP32 mysql-community-server standard - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:38 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:zSystems mysql-community-server standard - s390x about 1 hour s390p21:6 s390x
openSUSE:Factory:ARM mysql-community-server standard - armv6l about 1 hour lamb62:1 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Rebuild libreoffice standard - i586 about 1 hour lamb73:6 x86_64
home:tpaszkowski:mariadb mariadb openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 about 1 hour build73:1 x86_64
home:netsroth:branches:LibreOffice:Factory libreoffice openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild26:4 aarch64
home:netsroth:branches:LibreOffice:Factory libreoffice openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 1 hour obs-arm-3:40 aarch64
LibreOffice:Factory libreoffice openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild26:2 aarch64
Kernel:linux-next kernel-docs ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild19:3 armv7l
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:adi:18 chromium standard - x86_64 about 1 hour build81:3 x86_64
Base:System cross-rx-newlib-devel openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild04:5 aarch64
Kernel:vanilla kernel-docs ARM - armv7l about 1 hour armbuild18:1 armv7l
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:B:DVD libreoffice standard - x86_64 about 2 hours lamb76:7 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A gdb standard - ppc64le about 2 hours obs-power8-04:19 ppc64le
devel:languages:haskell ghc-aeson openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-1:1 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A libunistring standard - i586 about 2 hours lamb07:5 x86_64
Base:System libtool-testsuite openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-1:21 aarch64
Base:System cross-rx-newlib-devel openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-1:20 aarch64
home:inescid:robots gcc6 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 2 hours cloud113:2 x86_64
devel:languages:haskell highlighting-kate openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-1:8 aarch64
home:namtrac:clang clang-trunk openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 about 2 hours lamb77:7 x86_64
home:mimi_vx:piglit piglit openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 2 hours lamb55:2 x86_64
home:mimi_vx:tools python-Cython openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 about 2 hours lamb51:10 x86_64
Base:System openssl openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 2 hours s390p23:5 s390x
Base:System glibc openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 2 hours s390p23:9 s390x
home:michals:haskell:bin llvm3_8 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 2 hours build72:1 x86_64
home:matzfuchs pcl openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 2 hours cloud122:1 x86_64
home:sbrabec:branches:1015044-systemd-presets-at systemd-mini openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 2 hours s390p23:2 s390x
devel:languages:haskell ghc-haskell-tools-ast openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-3:12 aarch64
openSUSE:Leap:42.2:Ports XFCE-raspberrypi3.aarch64 images_arm - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-3:27 aarch64
openSUSE:Leap:42.2:Ports X11-raspberrypi3.aarch64 images_arm - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-2:15 aarch64
devel:languages:haskell ghc-fortran-src openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-1:15 aarch64
network:chromium chromium-beta openSUSE_Leap_42.2 - x86_64 about 2 hours build76:2 x86_64
network:chromium chromium openSUSE_Leap_42.2 - x86_64 about 2 hours build79:3 x86_64
network leechcraft openSUSE_Leap_42.2_Ports - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-2:20 aarch64
Kernel:openSUSE-42.2 kernel-default ports - armv7l about 2 hours armbuild18:4 armv7l
devel:languages:haskell ghc-haskell-src-exts openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 2 hours obs-arm-2:36 aarch64
home:dmdiss:hw13 kernel-vanilla standard - x86_64 about 2 hours cumulus2:2 x86_64
Kernel:vanilla kernel-vanilla ARM - armv7l about 2 hours armbuild04:2 aarch64
Kernel:openSUSE-42.2 kernel-vanilla ports - armv7l about 2 hours armbuild25:5 aarch64
Kernel:openSUSE-42.2 kernel-lpae ports - armv7l about 2 hours armbuild25:6 aarch64
Kernel:vanilla kernel-vanilla ARM - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:21 aarch64
Kernel:vanilla kernel-vanilla standard - x86_64 about 3 hours build30:1 x86_64
Kernel:vanilla kernel-source ARM - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-1:17 aarch64
Kernel:openSUSE-42.2 kernel-vanilla ports - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-1:14 aarch64
Kernel:openSUSE-42.3 kernel-vanilla ports - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:12 aarch64
Kernel:openSUSE-42.3 kernel-default ports - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:6 aarch64
Kernel:openSUSE-42.2 kernel-default ports - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-1:2 aarch64
Kernel:vanilla kernel-vanilla standard - i586 about 3 hours build32:6 x86_64
Kernel:openSUSE-42.2 kernel-source ports - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:19 aarch64
Kernel:openSUSE-42.3 kernel-source ports - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:45 aarch64
devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi3 kernel-default standard - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-3:18 aarch64
devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:RaspberryPi3 kernel-source standard - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-3:36 aarch64
Kernel:linux-next kernel-vanilla ARM - armv7l about 3 hours armbuild04:6 aarch64
Kernel:linux-next kernel-vanilla ARM - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-3:16 aarch64
Kernel:linux-next kernel-vanilla standard - x86_64 about 3 hours lamb72:7 x86_64
Kernel:linux-next kernel-source ARM - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:5 aarch64
Kernel:SLE12-SP3 kernel-default standard - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:9 aarch64
Kernel:SLE12-SP3 kernel-vanilla standard - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:34 aarch64
Kernel:SLE12-SP3 kernel-source standard - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:33 aarch64
Kernel:SLE12-SP3 kernel-default standard - s390x about 3 hours s390p23:12 s390x
Kernel:SLE12-SP3 kernel-source standard - s390x about 3 hours s390p23:4 s390x
Kernel:SLE12-SP2 kernel-default standard - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-3:33 aarch64
Kernel:SLE12-SP2 kernel-vanilla standard - s390x about 3 hours s390p23:6 s390x
Kernel:SLE12-SP2 kernel-source standard - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-1:19 aarch64
Kernel:SLE12-SP2 kernel-vanilla standard - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:8 aarch64
Kernel:SLE12-SP2 kernel-source standard - s390x about 3 hours s390p23:10 s390x
Kernel:SLE12-SP1 kernel-default standard - s390x about 3 hours s390p23:11 s390x
Kernel:SLE12-SP1 kernel-source standard - s390x about 3 hours s390p23:3 s390x
devel:languages:haskell ghc-regex-tdfa openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:2 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Rings:1-MinimalX llvm4 standard - s390x about 3 hours s390p25:5 s390x
devel:languages:haskell ghc-xmonad-contrib openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-2:3 aarch64
home:ptrommler:branches:devel:languages:haskell ghc openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 3 hours s390p24:1 s390x
OBS:Server:Unstable:phantomjs-build phantomjs openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 3 hours s390p24:4 s390x
devel:languages:haskell ghc-graphviz openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-1:31 aarch64
devel:languages:haskell ghc-language-python openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 3 hours obs-arm-1:23 aarch64
Kernel:stable kernel-syzkaller standard - x86_64 about 3 hours cumulus2:1 x86_64
devel:languages:rust:previous-versions rust-1_16 openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 3 hours s390p25:3 s390x
devel:languages:perl:autoupdate perl-ExtUtils-AutoInstall standard - x86_64 about 3 hours lamb20:7 x86_64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A gdb standard - x86_64 about 3 hours cloud116:3 x86_64
devel:languages:rust rust openSUSE_Factory_zSystems - s390x about 3 hours s390p25:4 s390x
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A:DVD libreoffice standard - ppc64le about 3 hours obs-power8-01:5 ppc64le
home:jfrede:hamradio libatlas3 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 4 hours lamb04:6 x86_64
home:Minerva_W:Science openfoam4.x Arch_Extra - x86_64 about 4 hours lamb26:8 x86_64
home:Minerva_W:Science openfoam3.0.x Arch_Extra - x86_64 about 4 hours lamb51:1 x86_64
home:Minerva_W:Science openfoam3.0.1 Arch_Extra - x86_64 about 4 hours lamb57:7 x86_64
devel:languages:rust:previous-versions rust-1_15 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 4 hours armbuild03:1 aarch64
devel:languages:rust:previous-versions rust-1_15 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 4 hours obs-arm-2:13 aarch64
devel:languages:rust:previous-versions rust-1_16 openSUSE_Backports_SLE-12_standard - aarch64 about 4 hours obs-arm-2:14 aarch64
devel:languages:rust:previous-versions rust-1_16 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 4 hours obs-arm-2:41 aarch64
devel:languages:rust:previous-versions rust-1_16 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 4 hours armbuild01:5 aarch64
home:Minerva_W:Science openfoam3.0.x Arch_Extra - i586 about 4 hours build31:2 x86_64
home:Minerva_W:Science openfoam4.x Arch_Extra - i586 about 4 hours lamb55:8 x86_64
home:Minerva_W:Science openfoam3.0.1 Arch_Extra - i586 about 4 hours lamb63:9 x86_64
home:hrongyorgy:anteus python25-base openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 about 4 hours lamb25:6 x86_64
home:hrongyorgy:anteus python25-base openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 4 hours lamb27:3 x86_64
home:PunisherHD:Trinity:stable tde-i18n openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 4 hours armbuild14:1 armv7l
home:cyberiad:branches:devel:languages:python python-pygit2 assist_repo_checker - i586 about 4 hours lamb68:4 x86_64
devel:languages:rust rust openSUSE_Factory_ARM - aarch64 about 4 hours obs-arm-1:5 aarch64
home:PunisherHD:Trinity:unstable tde-i18n openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 4 hours armbuild24:4 aarch64
home:PunisherHD:Trinity:r14.0.x tde-i18n openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 5 hours armbuild01:2 aarch64
openSUSE:Factory:Staging:A llvm3_8 standard - i586 about 6 hours build35:3 x86_64
home:cornell_vrdc libatlas3 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 6 hours lamb57:1 x86_64
home:wkazubski:test cross-arm-none-eabi-gcc6 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 about 7 hours lamb27:11 x86_64
home:Andreas_Schwab:glibc glibc-testsuite a - armv6l about 7 hours lamb51:3 x86_64
home:apersaud:branches:devel:languages:python3 python3-python-memcached openSUSE_Factory - x86_64 about 7 hours lamb02:3 x86_64
home:apersaud:branches:devel:languages:python3 python3-python-memcached openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 7 hours lamb17:3 x86_64
home:wkazubski libatlas3 openSUSE_Tumbleweed - x86_64 about 7 hours lamb05:6 x86_64
home:wkazubski:dependencies oce openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 about 7 hours lamb10:2 x86_64
Java:Factory java-9-openjdk openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 9 hours armbuild21:1 aarch64
home:badshah400:branches:home:pluskalm:atom atom openSUSE_Tumbleweed - i586 about 9 hours cloud136:2 x86_64
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GNOME:Factory webkitgtk openSUSE_ARM - armv7l about 15 hours armbuild19:4 armv7l
home:StefanBruens:branches:Kernel:stable kernel-vanilla ARM - armv6l about 20 hours build34:5 x86_64
home:StefanBruens:branches:Kernel:stable kernel-default ARM - armv6l about 20 hours build33:3 x86_64
Kernel:stable kernel-vanilla ARM - armv6l about 20 hours build32:2 x86_64
server:database mariadb-101 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l about 20 hours armbuild23:1 aarch64
devel:tools:compiler llvm3_9 openSUSE_Factory_ARM - armv7l 1 day armbuild21:3 aarch64
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openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Ports ghc ports - s390x 1 day s390p25:2 s390x
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about 1 hour
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Idle hosts

468 of 1163 hosts idle.

Host Arch
armbuild01:3 aarch64
build30:2 x86_64
build30:4 x86_64
build30:6 x86_64
build31:1 x86_64
build31:3 x86_64
build31:6 x86_64
build32:1 x86_64
build32:3 x86_64
build32:5 x86_64
build33:1 x86_64
build33:5 x86_64
build33:6 x86_64
build34:2 x86_64
build34:3 x86_64
build34:4 x86_64
build35:1 x86_64
build35:2 x86_64
build35:4 x86_64
build35:5 x86_64
build36:1 x86_64
build36:2 x86_64
build36:5 x86_64
build70:2 x86_64
build70:3 x86_64
build71:1 x86_64
build73:2 x86_64
build73:4 x86_64
build74:3 x86_64
build74:4 x86_64
build75:2 x86_64
build75:3 x86_64
build76:1 x86_64
build77:2 x86_64
build77:3 x86_64
build78:1 x86_64
build78:4 x86_64
build79:2 x86_64
build79:4 x86_64
build80:1 x86_64
build80:3 x86_64
build80:4 x86_64
build81:4 x86_64
build82:1 x86_64
build83:1 x86_64
build83:2 x86_64
build84:1 x86_64
build84:3 x86_64
build85:1 x86_64
build85:3 x86_64
cloud101:3 x86_64
cloud101:4 x86_64
cloud103:2 x86_64
cloud103:3 x86_64
cloud104:1 x86_64
cloud104:4 x86_64
cloud105:2 x86_64
cloud105:4 x86_64
cloud106:2 x86_64
cloud106:4 x86_64
cloud107:2 x86_64
cloud107:3 x86_64
cloud108:3 x86_64
cloud108:4 x86_64
cloud109:2 x86_64
cloud109:4 x86_64
cloud111:2 x86_64
cloud111:3 x86_64
cloud112:1 x86_64
cloud112:4 x86_64
cloud113:1 x86_64
cloud113:4 x86_64
cloud114:2 x86_64
cloud114:3 x86_64
cloud115:3 x86_64
cloud115:4 x86_64
cloud116:1 x86_64
cloud116:4 x86_64
cloud117:1 x86_64
cloud117:3 x86_64
cloud118:1 x86_64
cloud118:4 x86_64
cloud119:1 x86_64
cloud119:4 x86_64
cloud120:2 x86_64
cloud120:4 x86_64
cloud121:3 x86_64
cloud121:4 x86_64
cloud122:2 x86_64
cloud122:4 x86_64
cloud123:1 x86_64
cloud123:2 x86_64
cloud124:3 x86_64
cloud124:4 x86_64
cloud125:1 x86_64
cloud125:4 x86_64
cloud126:3 x86_64
cloud126:4 x86_64
cloud127:1 x86_64
cloud127:2 x86_64
cloud128:2 x86_64
cloud128:4 x86_64
cloud129:2 x86_64
cloud129:3 x86_64
cloud130:1 x86_64
cloud130:3 x86_64
cloud131:1 x86_64
cloud133:1 x86_64
cloud134:1 x86_64
cloud135:1 x86_64
cloud136:1 x86_64
cumulus2:3 x86_64
cumulus3:2 x86_64
lamb01:1 x86_64
lamb01:3 x86_64
lamb01:4 x86_64
lamb01:6 x86_64
lamb01:7 x86_64
lamb02:1 x86_64
lamb02:2 x86_64
lamb02:5 x86_64
lamb02:6 x86_64
lamb02:8 x86_64
lamb03:1 x86_64
lamb03:3 x86_64
lamb03:4 x86_64
lamb03:6 x86_64
lamb03:8 x86_64
lamb04:1 x86_64
lamb04:2 x86_64
lamb04:3 x86_64
lamb04:5 x86_64
lamb04:7 x86_64
lamb04:8 x86_64
lamb05:1 x86_64
lamb05:4 x86_64
lamb05:7 x86_64
lamb05:8 x86_64
lamb06:1 x86_64
lamb06:5 x86_64
lamb06:6 x86_64
lamb06:7 x86_64
lamb06:8 x86_64
lamb07:3 x86_64
lamb07:6 x86_64
lamb07:8 x86_64
lamb08:1 x86_64
lamb08:2 x86_64
lamb08:3 x86_64
lamb08:5 x86_64
lamb08:6 x86_64
lamb09:1 x86_64
lamb09:4 x86_64
lamb09:5 x86_64
lamb09:7 x86_64
lamb09:8 x86_64
lamb10:4 x86_64
lamb10:5 x86_64
lamb10:6 x86_64
lamb10:7 x86_64
lamb11:1 x86_64
lamb11:2 x86_64
lamb11:3 x86_64
lamb11:5 x86_64
lamb11:7 x86_64
lamb12:1 x86_64
lamb12:4 x86_64
lamb12:5 x86_64
lamb12:6 x86_64
lamb12:8 x86_64
lamb13:1 x86_64
lamb13:2 x86_64
lamb13:3 x86_64
lamb13:5 x86_64
lamb13:8 x86_64
lamb14:1 x86_64
lamb14:2 x86_64
lamb14:3 x86_64
lamb14:6 x86_64
lamb14:7 x86_64
lamb14:8 x86_64
lamb15:1 x86_64
lamb15:3 x86_64
lamb15:5 x86_64
lamb15:7 x86_64
lamb15:8 x86_64
lamb16:1 x86_64
lamb16:2 x86_64
lamb16:4 x86_64
lamb16:5 x86_64
lamb16:7 x86_64
lamb17:1 x86_64
lamb17:4 x86_64
lamb17:6 x86_64
lamb17:7 x86_64
lamb17:8 x86_64
lamb18:1 x86_64
lamb18:3 x86_64
lamb18:5 x86_64
lamb18:6 x86_64
lamb18:8 x86_64
lamb19:1 x86_64
lamb19:2 x86_64
lamb19:3 x86_64
lamb19:6 x86_64
lamb19:8 x86_64
lamb20:1 x86_64
lamb20:3 x86_64
lamb20:5 x86_64
lamb20:6 x86_64
lamb20:8 x86_64
lamb21:1 x86_64
lamb21:11 x86_64
lamb21:3 x86_64
lamb21:4 x86_64
lamb21:6 x86_64
lamb21:7 x86_64
lamb21:9 x86_64
lamb22:1 x86_64
lamb22:11 x86_64
lamb22:12 x86_64
lamb22:4 x86_64
lamb22:5 x86_64
lamb22:7 x86_64
lamb22:9 x86_64
lamb23:1 x86_64
lamb23:10 x86_64
lamb23:11 x86_64
lamb23:4 x86_64
lamb23:5 x86_64
lamb23:6 x86_64
lamb23:8 x86_64
lamb23:9 x86_64
lamb24:1 x86_64
lamb24:12 x86_64
lamb24:2 x86_64
lamb24:3 x86_64
lamb24:5 x86_64
lamb24:6 x86_64
lamb24:7 x86_64
lamb24:8 x86_64
lamb25:1 x86_64
lamb25:11 x86_64
lamb25:12 x86_64
lamb25:2 x86_64
lamb25:3 x86_64
lamb25:5 x86_64
lamb25:9 x86_64
lamb26:1 x86_64
lamb26:11 x86_64
lamb26:12 x86_64
lamb26:2 x86_64
lamb26:3 x86_64
lamb26:4 x86_64
lamb26:6 x86_64
lamb27:1 x86_64
lamb27:10 x86_64
lamb27:2 x86_64
lamb27:4 x86_64
lamb27:7 x86_64
lamb27:8 x86_64
lamb27:9 x86_64
lamb28:1 x86_64
lamb28:10 x86_64
lamb28:11 x86_64
lamb28:12 x86_64
lamb28:4 x86_64
lamb28:5 x86_64
lamb28:9 x86_64
lamb51:11 x86_64
lamb51:12 x86_64
lamb51:2 x86_64
lamb51:4 x86_64
lamb51:5 x86_64
lamb51:6 x86_64
lamb51:7 x86_64
lamb51:8 x86_64
lamb51:9 x86_64
lamb52:10 x86_64
lamb52:12 x86_64
lamb52:2 x86_64
lamb52:5 x86_64
lamb52:6 x86_64
lamb52:7 x86_64
lamb53:1 x86_64
lamb53:10 x86_64
lamb53:12 x86_64
lamb53:2 x86_64
lamb53:4 x86_64
lamb53:6 x86_64
lamb53:9 x86_64
lamb54:1 x86_64
lamb54:10 x86_64
lamb54:11 x86_64
lamb54:3 x86_64
lamb54:4 x86_64
lamb54:5 x86_64
lamb54:6 x86_64
lamb54:9 x86_64
lamb55:1 x86_64
lamb55:10 x86_64
lamb55:11 x86_64
lamb55:12 x86_64
lamb55:3 x86_64
lamb55:4 x86_64
lamb55:7 x86_64
lamb56:1 x86_64
lamb56:11 x86_64
lamb56:12 x86_64
lamb56:5 x86_64
lamb56:6 x86_64
lamb56:7 x86_64
lamb56:8 x86_64
lamb57:10 x86_64
lamb57:11 x86_64
lamb57:2 x86_64
lamb57:3 x86_64
lamb57:6 x86_64
lamb57:8 x86_64
lamb57:9 x86_64
lamb58:10 x86_64
lamb58:11 x86_64
lamb58:12 x86_64
lamb58:2 x86_64
lamb58:4 x86_64
lamb58:6 x86_64
lamb58:9 x86_64
lamb59:1 x86_64
lamb59:10 x86_64
lamb59:11 x86_64
lamb59:12 x86_64
lamb59:5 x86_64
lamb59:7 x86_64
lamb59:8 x86_64
lamb60:1 x86_64
lamb60:11 x86_64
lamb60:2 x86_64
lamb60:3 x86_64
lamb60:4 x86_64
lamb60:7 x86_64
lamb60:8 x86_64
lamb61:11 x86_64
lamb61:3 x86_64
lamb61:5 x86_64
lamb61:6 x86_64
lamb61:7 x86_64
lamb61:8 x86_64
lamb61:9 x86_64
lamb62:10 x86_64
lamb62:11 x86_64
lamb62:12 x86_64
lamb62:2 x86_64
lamb62:3 x86_64
lamb62:4 x86_64
lamb62:9 x86_64
lamb63:1 x86_64
lamb63:11 x86_64
lamb63:12 x86_64
lamb63:3 x86_64
lamb63:4 x86_64
lamb63:6 x86_64
lamb63:7 x86_64
lamb63:8 x86_64
lamb64:11 x86_64
lamb64:12 x86_64
lamb64:3 x86_64
lamb64:4 x86_64
lamb64:6 x86_64
lamb64:8 x86_64
lamb64:9 x86_64
lamb65:12 x86_64
lamb65:4 x86_64
lamb65:5 x86_64
lamb65:6 x86_64
lamb65:7 x86_64
lamb65:8 x86_64
lamb65:9 x86_64
lamb66:11 x86_64
lamb66:12 x86_64
lamb66:2 x86_64
lamb66:5 x86_64
lamb66:6 x86_64
lamb66:7 x86_64
lamb66:8 x86_64
lamb66:9 x86_64
lamb67:1 x86_64
lamb67:12 x86_64
lamb67:2 x86_64
lamb67:5 x86_64
lamb67:6 x86_64
lamb67:7 x86_64
lamb67:8 x86_64
lamb68:1 x86_64
lamb68:10 x86_64
lamb68:11 x86_64
lamb68:12 x86_64
lamb68:2 x86_64
lamb68:5 x86_64
lamb68:9 x86_64
lamb69:10 x86_64
lamb69:11 x86_64
lamb69:2 x86_64
lamb69:3 x86_64
lamb69:5 x86_64
lamb69:7 x86_64
lamb69:8 x86_64
lamb70:1 x86_64
lamb70:12 x86_64
lamb70:2 x86_64
lamb70:4 x86_64
lamb70:6 x86_64
lamb70:7 x86_64
lamb70:8 x86_64
lamb71:1 x86_64
lamb71:2 x86_64
lamb71:3 x86_64
lamb71:5 x86_64
lamb71:7 x86_64
lamb72:3 x86_64
lamb72:4 x86_64
lamb72:6 x86_64
lamb73:1 x86_64
lamb73:3 x86_64
lamb73:8 x86_64
lamb74:3 x86_64
lamb74:4 x86_64
lamb74:6 x86_64
lamb75:1 x86_64
lamb75:2 x86_64
lamb75:3 x86_64
lamb75:4 x86_64
lamb75:8 x86_64
lamb76:1 x86_64
lamb76:3 x86_64
lamb76:5 x86_64
lamb77:1 x86_64
lamb77:3 x86_64
lamb77:5 x86_64
lamb77:8 x86_64
lamb78:1 x86_64
typhoon1:2 local
typhoon1:3 local
typhoon1:4 local
typhoon2:1 local
typhoon2:2 local
typhoon2:3 local
typhoon2:4 local
typhoon5:1 local
typhoon5:2 local
typhoon5:3 local
typhoon5:4 local
wildcard1:3 x86_64
wildcard1:4 x86_64
wildcard2:1 x86_64
wildcard2:10 x86_64
wildcard2:13 x86_64
wildcard2:14 x86_64
wildcard2:16 x86_64
wildcard2:2 x86_64
wildcard2:4 x86_64
wildcard2:5 x86_64
wildcard2:7 x86_64
wildcard2:9 x86_64
wildcard3:1 x86_64
wildcard3:3 x86_64
wildcard3:4 x86_64
wildcard3:6 x86_64
wildcard3:8 x86_64
Host Arch Packages in waiting queue Packages in blocked queue Average Job time
aarch64 843 2896 about 1 hour
aarch64_ilp32 8 27 19 minutes
armv6l 0 50 25 minutes
armv7l 1694 3371 about 1 hour
i586 1 12823 10 minutes
local 0 8 22 minutes
ppc 1 12 15 minutes
ppc64 707 983 36 minutes
ppc64le 1018 2473 31 minutes
s390x 153 3427 about 1 hour
x86_64 0 4906 10 minutes