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LXC provides commands to create and manage containers. Current LXC uses the
following kernel features to contain processes:
- Kernel namespaces (ipc, uts, mount, pid, network and user)
- Apparmor and SELinux profiles
- Seccomp policies
- Chroots (using pivot_root)
- Kernel capabilities
- CGroups (control groups)
LXC containers are often considered as something in the middle between a chroot
and a full fledged virtual machine. The goal of LXC is to create an environment
as close as possible to a standard Linux installation but without the need for a
separate kernel.

Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)

Filename Size Changed Actions
0001-bdev-use-correct-overlay-module-name.patch 4.33 KB Download File
0002-cleanup-tools-remove-name-from-lxc-top-usage-message.patch 903 Bytes Download File
0003-cleanup-whitespaces-in-option-alignment-for-lxc-exec.patch 1.11 KB Download File
0004-Use-full-GPG-fingerprint-instead-of-long-IDs.patch 1.15 KB Download File
0005-tools-move-rcfile-to-the-common-options-list.patch 13.5 KB Download File
0006-tools-set-configfile-after-load_config.patch 7.04 KB Download File
0007-doc-add-rcfile-to-common-opts.patch 1.21 KB Download File
0008-doc-Update-Korean-lxc-attach-1.patch 12 KB Download File
0009-doc-Add-rcfile-to-Korean-common-opts.patch 1.49 KB Download File
0010-doc-Add-rcfile-to-Japanese-common-opts.patch 1.59 KB Download File
0011-tools-use-exit-EXIT_-everywhere.patch 24.5 KB Download File
0012-tools-unify-exit-calls-outside-of-main.patch 4.55 KB Download File
0013-utils-Add-mips-signalfd-syscall-numbers.patch 1.23 KB Download File
0014-seccomp-Implement-MIPS-seccomp-handling.patch 8.97 KB Download File
0015-seccomp-Add-mips-and-mips64-entries-to-lxc_config_pa.patch 992 Bytes Download File
0016-seccomp-fix-strerror.patch 801 Bytes Download File
0017-confile-add-more-archs-to-lxc_config_parse_arch.patch 1.21 KB Download File
0018-seccomp-add-support-for-s390x.patch 2.24 KB Download File
0019-seccomp-remove-double-include-and-order-includes.patch 882 Bytes Download File
0020-seccomp-non-functional-changes.patch 16.4 KB Download File
0021-templates-use-fd-9-instead-of-200.patch 1.39 KB Download File
0022-templates-fedora-requires-openssl-binary.patch 965 Bytes Download File
0023-tools-use-boolean-for-ret-in-lxc_device.c.patch 1.17 KB Download File
0024-c-r-use-proc-self-tid-children-instead-of-pidfile.patch 4.14 KB Download File
0025-c-r-Fix-pid_t-on-some-arches.patch 1.01 KB Download File
0026-templates-Add-mips-hostarch-detection-to-debian.patch 1.03 KB Download File
0027-cleanup-replace-tabs-wth-spaces-in-usage-strings.patch 4.42 KB Download File
README.SUSE 305 Bytes Download File
lxc-2.0.3.tar.gz 1.01 MB Download File
lxc-2.0.4.tar.gz 1.02 MB Download File
lxc-aa_allow_incomplete-default.patch 526 Bytes Download File
lxc-createconfig.in 4.21 KB Download File
lxc.changes 32.9 KB Download File
lxc.spec 8.13 KB Download File

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