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The Scientific Python Development Environment

Spyder, the Scientific Python Development Environment, is an
IDE for researchers, engineers and data analysts.
It features a combination of the editing, analysis, debugging
and profiling functionality of a development tool with the
data exploration, interactive execution, deep inspection and
visualization capabilities of an analysis package. Additionally,
Spyder offers built-in integration with scientific
libraries, including NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, IPython, QtConsole,
Matplotlib, SymPy, and more, and can be extended further with
full plugin support.

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_constraints 0000000114 114 Bytes about 2 years
spyder-5.0.5.tar.gz 0020606379 19.7 MB about 1 year
spyder-pr15657-python-lsp-server.patch 0000695959 680 KB about 1 year
spyder-pytest-qt-4.patch 0000004243 4.14 KB about 1 year
spyder-rpmlintrc 0000000108 108 Bytes over 3 years
spyder.changes 0000144000 141 KB about 1 year
spyder.spec 0000016643 16.3 KB about 1 year
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Christophe Giboudeaux's avatar

cgiboudeaux wrote 11 months ago

one job is stuck and needs to be killed

Christophe Giboudeaux's avatar

cgiboudeaux wrote 11 months ago

two actually.. this is a long standing issue with this package

Benjamin Greiner's avatar

bnavigator wrote 11 months ago

Thanks for noticing. The kernel crashes are new. I noticed them the first time in Factory last week.

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