A morse code learning tool


GtkMMorse is a morse code learning tool released under GPL, which provides two type of training methods:

* Koch method
* Classic method

Koch is a philosophy for teaching morse based on the extensive researches of Ludwig Koch, psychologist at Die technische Hochschule, Braunschweig, Germany, reported in Jan-Feb. 1936.


It is a mistake to let the student see a code character in any kind of visual form, because a visual impression is so strong that it will almost invariably lead to analyzing it into dits and dahs, and thus shatter its unity.

Each Morse code character must retain its unitary nature, its acoustic wholeness at all times.
This is facilitated by:
* Sending at a speed of at least 12 wpm (60 letters/minute) from the very first. This will promote the sense of acoustic unity and bypass the discouraging 10 wpm plateau (transition) region completely.
* Emphasizing the melodic nature of the code patterns initially, like a little tune, by the use one pitch for the dits and a slightly different pitch for the dahs. These pitches are then gradually to be brought closer together so that by about the mid-point of the program they are identical and continue from there on as a single pitch.

From the very first all practice is to be in five-letter groups, with normal spacing between the letters, as in ciphered texts, but with distinctly longer pauses between groups.
This has a dual purpose:
* to leave no time for conscious thinking or translation between letters, and thus to require direct passage from sound pattern to the letter itself, and
* so that the student will immediately become used to hearing letters in groupings as in normal communication, and not as isolated letters.

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