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A DOOM source port focusing on multiplayer gaming


Zandronum is a source port focused on offering a modernized multiplayer
experience, offering new game modes such as capture the flag, invasion
or domination. The International Doom League adopted it as its port of
choice in 2014.

* Support for up to 64 players in cooperative, deathmatch, team deathmatch,
capture the flag, possession, domination, invasion, Last Man Standing,
survival, and other game modes.
* Support for most ZDoom and GZDoom features, including the latter's
hardware accelerated renderer.
* Continuing support for unique Skulltag editing features as well.
* Console, Quake-style keybindings, free look, jumping, and other advanced
* Full support for all Doom engine games, including Heretic, Hexen, and

Game data must be placed in ~/.config/zandronum/ .

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