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Auto-detect the connect display hardware and load the appropiate X11 setup using xrandr

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_service 0000000537 537 Bytes over 5 years
autorandr.dsc 0000000345 345 Bytes over 5 years
autorandr.spec 0000001279 1.25 KB almost 5 years
debian.changelog 0000000147 147 Bytes over 5 years
debian.compat 0000000002 2 Bytes over 5 years
debian.control 0000000675 675 Bytes over 5 years
debian.rules 0000000418 418 Bytes almost 5 years
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dziobian wrote 7 months ago

Hi! I'd like to point out a bug that is already reported by the linter. Using env is not allowed in RPM-managed scripts because it breaks dependency checking. You should change the shebang to be simply #!/usr/bin/python3.

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