Integrated web browser, composer, mail/news client, and IRC client

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SeaMonkey is an all-in-one Internet application suite containing a web browser, an e-mail and newsgroup client with an included web feed reader and calendar, an HTML editor and web development tools, and an IRC client. SeaMonkey is a successor to the popular Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Application Suite, and (unlike its siblings, Firefox and Thunderbird) retains Mozilla's more traditional-looking interface.

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_constraints 0000000444 444 Bytes
mozilla-bmo1862601.patch 0000000853 853 Bytes
mozilla-bmo1896958.patch 0000974404 952 KB
mozilla-bmo531915.patch 0000001021 1021 Bytes
mozilla-nongnome-proxies.patch 0000001274 1.24 KB
mozilla-ntlm-full-path.patch 0000000780 780 Bytes 0000004290 4.19 KB
reproducible.patch 0000002358 2.3 KB
seamonkey- 0013419252 12.8 MB
seamonkey- 0252310768 241 MB
seamonkey-GNUmakefile 0000005196 5.07 KB
seamonkey-appdata.tar.bz2 0000003025 2.95 KB
seamonkey-desktop.tar.bz2 0000022975 22.4 KB
seamonkey-lto.patch 0000000625 625 Bytes
seamonkey-man-page.patch 0000000802 802 Bytes
seamonkey-rpmlintrc 0000000029 29 Bytes
seamonkey.changes 0000196995 192 KB
seamonkey.spec 0000015758 15.4 KB
spellcheck.js 0000000060 60 Bytes
suse-default-prefs.js 0000000646 646 Bytes
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Tristan Miller's avatar

Is there a reason why the builds for this package are currently disabled? The latest RPMs available in the repository are for the old version of SeaMonkey (2.49.4) so it would be nice if the current project for 2.49.5 could be built and published.

Wolfgang Rosenauer's avatar

I think I remember that it failed building for strange reasons. I've reenabled building and see if I can somehow fix it.

Wolfgang Rosenauer's avatar

for Tumbleweed and 42.x I do not think I can make it work with reasonable efforts

Tristan Miller's avatar

I think I've figured it out. I'm currently testing some builds and if they are OK I'll submit a merge request.

Kai Lappalainen's avatar

Seamonkey 2.53.1 has been released. It would be nice if the builds could be upgraded.

Tristan Miller's avatar

This is being worked on at – please post there if you are able to help solve the build issues.

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