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A free WYSIWYG music score typesetter

MuseScore is a graphical music typesetter. It allows for fast
and easy note entry on a virtual note sheet. It has an
integrated sequencer to allow for immediate play of the score.
MuseScore can import and export MusicXml and standard Midi files.

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MuseScore-3.6.2.tar.gz 0069077899 65.9 MB 12 months
mscore.desktop 0000000212 212 Bytes 9 months
musescore.changes 0000033261 32.5 KB 9 months
musescore.spec 0000010981 10.7 KB 9 months
no-webview-in-startcentre.patch 0000006429 6.28 KB 9 months
use-qtmake-qt5.patch 0000001050 1.03 KB about 1 year
use-system-qtwebengine-files.patch 0000000764 764 Bytes almost 2 years
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guidots wrote over 2 years ago

Now that 3.1 is out what would needed to be done to update this? Can I be of any help?

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cornelisbb wrote over 2 years ago

I see you have already branched musescore. Update it in your branch and make a submit request. If it is ok, it is accepted, otherwise you hear how you can improve it. And after it has been accepted, it will be submitted to factory. Feel free to ask for help.

The wiki can help, for example: https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Packaging

Alternatively you can wait until I find time for it, but that will take at least a couple of days. :)

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balping wrote about 1 year ago

I started packaging version 3.6, however it's only compatible with Qt 5.14 and not with the newest Qt 5.15. See here

I'm quite new to packaging; how to resolve this issue? Shall we just wait until it's fixed (this is due to a bug in Qt)? Or is it possible to require a specific version of Qt in the spec file?

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cornelisbb wrote about 1 year ago

I know, having played with it already. It is possible to require a specific Qt version, but that would make it unresolvable for Tumbleweed. Each openSUSE version has one specific version of Qt.

What I have tested is patching build/FindQt5.cmake so that it build with Qt 5.15. I have done a local build and do not see the issues report in the link you mentioned. Palettes are working and I don't have a crash with opening documents made in older version. What I did get was a development build with MuseScore3Development as default folder for saving scores. I have not looked into this further to see how to correct this.

This is only an issue on Tumbleweed. An update for Leap should be no issue (except maybe that developement build thing).

I think it can be updated in this project, because Tumbeweed users have the backup in Tumbleweed itself, but it needs some solid testing before it can be submitted to Tumbleweed. Otherwise, Tumbleweed needs to wait.

I will upload what I have (the changes file still needs further updates) so that you can take a look and improve on it.

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ozu wrote 9 months ago

This package ships with Google Analytics by default. Can the telemetry be removed?

Edit: I noticed that a build flag is passed but would still prefer if the tracking code were removed altogether before building

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cornelisbb wrote 9 months ago

I won't do that, but you can branch the package and do a submit request.

Or you can show that tracking is still going on in spite of the build flag, but then it's better to file a bug.

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