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A Free, Cross-Platform Digital Audio Editor

Audacity is a program that manipulates digital audio wave forms. In
addition to recording sounds directly from within the program, it
imports many sound file formats, including WAV, AIFF, AU, IRCAM, MP,
and Ogg Vorbis. With Audacity, you can edit wave data larger than the
physical memory size of your computer.

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Audacity-3.2.4.tar.gz 0057016943 54.4 MB about 20 hours
_constraints 0000000303 303 Bytes about 19 hours
_service 0000000515 515 Bytes 4 months
_servicedata 0000000240 240 Bytes 4 months
audacity-license-nyquist 0000001344 1.31 KB over 12 years
audacity-no_buildstamp.patch 0000001057 1.03 KB 4 months
audacity-no_return_in_nonvoid.patch 0000002023 1.98 KB 4 months
audacity-rpmlintrc 0000000124 124 Bytes 4 months
audacity.changes 0000086105 84.1 KB about 19 hours
audacity.spec 0000006813 6.65 KB about 20 hours
mod-script-pipe-disable-rpath.patch 0000000319 319 Bytes 4 months
no-more-strip.patch 0000001016 1016 Bytes 4 months
vst3sdk-3.7.6_build_18.tar.xz 0040298328 38.4 MB 4 months
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Alexander Ahjolinna's avatar

ahjolinna wrote over 1 year ago

Audacity Is Now A Possible Spyware, Remove It ASAP https://fosspost.org/audacity-is-now-a-spyware/

Dave Plater's avatar

plater wrote over 1 year ago

Taken from https://fosspost.org/audacity-developers-apologize-revise-controversial-privacy-policy/

What About The Future of Audacity?

For the time being, you can use Audacity versions up to 3.0.2 guaranteeing that they have no network capabilities.

Further I disabled any update checking a long time ago

Yavor Uzunov's avatar

Yav wrote over 1 year ago

Version 3.0.3 is out! Maybe the package isn't updated because of privacy concerns? They updated their problematic policy to be better and by default, if you compile it, it compiles without telemetry.

Dave Plater's avatar

plater wrote over 1 year ago

It's requirement for Conan which appears to be a package manager will hold it up while I ask why it's there. Also any network connection will have to be disabled.

Dave Plater's avatar

plater wrote over 1 year ago

Looks like audacity isn't going to be updated until the conan requirement is fixed. The fork tenacity is only on 3.0.3RC2 so far but if nothing is done by audacity-3.0.4 I'll create tenacity and send to Factory. https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/1522

Dave Plater's avatar

plater wrote over 1 year ago

3.0.4, heavily patched has an option to disable network access

Daniele Tombolini's avatar

Kailed wrote 10 months ago

3.1.3 is broken: error while loading shared libraries: lib-screen-geometry.so

Dave Plater's avatar

plater wrote 10 months ago

A work around is "sudo ldconfig -v /usr/lib64/audacity"

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