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DeaDBeeF is an audio player using GTK.
Through use of the ffmpeg libraries, it supports many formats.
It also supports cuesheets, chiptune formats with subtunes, song-length databases.
It can be extended using plugins (DSP, GUI, output, input, etc.).
The GUI looks similar to Foobar2000.

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Filename Size Changed
0003-Fix-operator-precedence-and-uninitialized-value-warn.patch 0000001976 1.93 KB about 4 years
_service 0000000516 516 Bytes 5 months
deadbeef-1.8.8.tar.xz 0023145928 22.1 MB 5 months
deadbeef-drop-documents-installation.patch 0000000577 577 Bytes about 2 years
deadbeef.appdata.xml 0000004286 4.19 KB over 1 year
deadbeef.changes 0000040346 39.4 KB 5 months
deadbeef.spec 0000006898 6.74 KB 5 months
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Aaron Stern's avatar

ukbeast89 wrote over 2 years ago

I have no idea on how to make build more verbose, deadbeef-compiler-warnings.patch will fail to compile for Tumbleweed with it enabled.

Should I enable it again?

Ave Milia's avatar

avemilia wrote over 2 years ago

The problem occurs in glib header. It can be omitted if include files are specified as -isystem and not as -I. In general, all external dependencies should be included with -isystem or things like these happen.

Ave Milia's avatar

avemilia wrote over 2 years ago

How to install the -plugins-extra version? What toggles restricted?

Alexei Sorokin's avatar

XRevan86 wrote over 1 year ago

Packman does.

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