Professional-grade audio sampler alternative to Gigasampler

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ozu wrote 7 months ago

Isn't LinuxSampler (but not its subcomponents like gigedit) actually proprietary software?

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edogawa wrote 7 months ago

ozu, as far as I understand it, the linuxsampler dev has added this incompatible exception to the GPL which he refuses to remove, and the legal status of this is very unclear. It has been brought up repeatedly on the linuxsampler mailing list, without satisfying resolution, and distros seem to deal with it in different ways. Some refuse to package it, others tend to think that the exception is not allowed and thus moot.

I seem to remember that it the openSUSE legal team has considered the situation in detail, but I cannot find backup reference right now. As I'm no lawyer myself ;-) I have to trust them to have found enough reasons to justify including linuxsampler in Factory.

Personally like many others I find this frustrating, and don't use linuxsampler myself anymore. My main motivation to maintain LS was to enable support in carla, and carla plugin support in LMMS. Meanwhile carla has dropped LS and switched to sfizz SFZ engine instead...

Recently there has been a short discussion on this legal issue of LS, around this posting(we may eventually see removal of the exception9:

Sorry if I'm wrong in my interpretation or conclusion thereof. I just don't care anymore. And if this request or the discussion here leads to exclusion from openSUSE or for OBS building, I'll happily remove the package from OBS...

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