Library for working with various multimedia formats

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FFmpeg is a multimedia framework, able to decode, encode,
transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play several formats
that humans and machines have created.

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0001-avcodec-libsvtav1-remove-compressed_ten_bit_format-a.patch 0000001920 1.88 KB
0001-avcodec-x86-mathops-clip-constants-used-with-shift-i.patch 0000002144 2.09 KB
baselibs.conf 0000000252 252 Bytes
enable_decoders 0000005487 5.36 KB
enable_encoders 0000002762 2.7 KB
ffmpeg-4-rpmlintrc 0000000263 263 Bytes
ffmpeg-4.2-dlopen-fdk_aac.patch 0000008116 7.93 KB
ffmpeg-4.4-CVE-2020-22046.patch 0000000772 772 Bytes
ffmpeg-4.4.4.tar.xz 0009565584 9.12 MB
ffmpeg-4.4.4.tar.xz.asc 0000000520 520 Bytes
ffmpeg-4.changes 0000080863 79 KB
ffmpeg-4.keyring 0000001709 1.67 KB
ffmpeg-4.spec 0000029031 28.4 KB
ffmpeg-arm6l.diff 0000000508 508 Bytes
ffmpeg-chromium.patch 0000001448 1.41 KB
ffmpeg-codec-choice.diff 0000002189 2.14 KB
ffmpeg-glslang-cxx17.patch 0000001047 1.02 KB
ffmpeg-libglslang-detection.patch 0000001684 1.64 KB
ffmpeg-new-coder-errors.diff 0000003192 3.12 KB
soversion.patch 0000001847 1.8 KB
Comments 8

Hans-Peter Jansen's avatar

Unfortunately, this version is binary incompatible to 4.2.3 in some aspects. Chromium crashes when accessing some sites, e.g. and push the quote button. Blender cannot export PNG files anymore.

Ismail Dönmez's avatar

Where did the discussion take place? Upstream does care about proper versioning. We should just nudge them.

Jan Engelhardt's avatar

Hans-Peter Jansen's avatar

Jan, Ismail, just FYI (given, you didn't noticed already).

As it turns out, the issue is related to a ffmpeg bug, introduced in 4.3 series:

It might be appropriate to backport the fix to this package, since it might occur in many related operations. At least Blender 2.83.{2,3} is still affected. I'm going to apply the Blender Upstream fix for this issue right now:

Xu Zhao's avatar

Why does this package doesn't support smbclient on Leap 15.2/15.3?

Aaron Stern's avatar

I notice amf is not enabled. --enable-amf

Enabling AMF would allow Radeon users to have accelerated encoding, benefit also would allow obs to use accelerated encoding on opensuse.

Users would still need to have access to, but looking on it is possible to install a small module, rather than the whole driver.

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