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Package Project
varnish server:http
atheme server:irc
dwarves devel:tools
freedoom games
lzip Archiving
mISDNuser hardware
pam_mount Linux-PAM
ethtool network:utilities
plzip Archiving
elftoaout Base:System
silo Base:System
schismtracker multimedia:apps
coccinelle devel:tools
prtconf Base:System
xindy Publishing
pv utilities
muparser science
sloccount devel:tools
gnu_ddrescue Base:System
cdecl devel:tools
ht devel:tools
cloop filesystems
clzip Archiving
pkpgcounter Printing
pykota Printing
posixovl filesystems
chocolate-doom games
prboom-plus games
sshfp server:dns
gap science
arping2 network:utilities
tinyproxy server:proxy
php-awl server:php:applications
ilias Education
ccgfs filesystems
ldapfuse filesystems
putty X11:Utilities
gf2x science
ntl science
surfex science
surfer-gallery science
surf science
surfer science
pari science
pari-elldata science
pari-galdata science
pari-galpol science
pari-nftables science
pari-seadata science
cddlib science
zn_poly science
gfan science
tachyon science
libm4ri science
libm4rie science
gaa devel:tools
glusterfs filesystems
libcue multimedia:libs
dxflib graphics
librecad graphics
ufiformat hardware
asteroids3D games
kmod Base:System
libatlas3 science
singular science
icu X11:common:Factory
lz4 Archiving
blockout games
lziprecover Archiving
bindfs filesystems
parkverbot utilities
lhasa Archiving
vhba-kmp filesystems
libmirage filesystems
cdemu-client filesystems
cdemu-daemon filesystems
cdfs filesystems
nfc-eventd hardware
libfreefare hardware
libnfc hardware
mfoc hardware
doomsday games
apache2-mod_evasive Apache:Modules
nfcutils hardware
libseccomp security
clusterssh X11:Utilities
ragel devel:tools
ohcount devel:tools
ultimatestunts games
4ti2 science
flint science
mpfi science
gtypist Education
libsocketcan network
canutils network
f2fs-tools filesystems
love-0_7_2 games
kconfig-frontends devel:tools
libxmp multimedia:libs
gnu_parallel utilities
xmp multimedia:apps
tcd multimedia:apps
opendchub network:utilities
youtube-dl network:utilities
libaal filesystems
reiser4progs filesystems
zfs filesystems
cudd science
givaro science
iml science
fflas-ffpack science
gap-gapdoc science
cxsc science
gap-alnuth science
lzlib Archiving
libt3config editors
libt3highlight editors
libt3key editors
libt3widget editors
libt3window editors
libtranscript editors
tilde editors
bcache-tools filesystems
swftools multimedia:apps
SDL games
SDL2 games
SDL2_image games
SDL2_mixer games
SDL2_net games
SDL2_ttf games
SDL_Pango games
SDL_gfx games
SDL_image games
SDL_mixer games
SDL_net games
SDL_sound games
SDL_ttf games
SDLmm games
xchm X11:Utilities
libXbgi graphics
SDL2_gfx games
get-flash-videos network:utilities
libwebp graphics
libteam network
hxtools utilities
libdbi server:database
libdbi-drivers server:database
gptfdisk filesystems
gap-factint science
gap-edim science
gap-cvec science
gap-cubefree science
gap-ctbllib science
gap-crystcat science
gap-cryst science
gap-crime science
gap-convex science
gap-congruence science
gap-semigroups science
gap-circle science
gap-browse science
gap-automgrp science
gap-automata science
gap-autodoc science
gap-forms science
gap-guarana science
gap-fr science
gap-example science
gap-genss science
gap-gbnp science
gap-gaussforhomalg science
gap-gauss science
gp2c science
gap-happrime science
gap-hapcryst science
gap-hap science
gap-laguna science
gap-hecke science
gap-homalg science
gap-homalgtocas science
gap-idrel science
gap-io science
gap-io_forhomalg science
gap-kan science
mpir science
gap-atlasrep science
gap-localizeringforhomalg science
gap-mapclass science
gap-matricesforhomalg science
gap-nilmat science
gap-numericalsgps science
gap-polenta science
gap-polycyclic science
gap-radiroot science
gap-rcwa science
gap-rds science
gap-recog science
gap-recogbase science
gap-resclasses science
gap-ringsforhomalg science
gap-sco science
gap-scscp science
gap-sgpviz science
gap-smallsemi science
gap-sonata science
gap-spinsym science
gap-toolsforhomalg science
gap-toric science
gap-simpcomp science
gap-symbcompcc science
gap-polymaking science
gap-carat science
gap-unitlib science
gap-toricvarieties science
gap-orb science
gap-wedderga science
gap-float science
azove science
gap-intpic science
gap-4ti2interface science
gap-liering science
gap-liepring science
gap-corelg science
jmol science
gap-gradedmodules science
gap-gradedringforhomalg science
xbrz graphics
libabigail devel:tools
idle3-tools utilities
charybdis server:irc
libconfig multimedia:libs
trac-plugin-cgit devel:tools:scm
gap-modules science
gap-permut science
gap-nq science
SDL_bgi graphics
gap-xmod science
gperiodic science
libzbc hardware
xbomb games
openntpd network:time
udev-persistent-ifnames Base:System
cgit devel:tools:scm
boinc-client network
rott games
cpuid utilities
kye games
kye-data games
hashcat security
gap-fga science
gap-examplesforhomalg science
gap-design science
gap-crisp science
gap-loops science
librsb science
libshout multimedia:libs
gap-fining science
gap-json science
gap-help science
gap-openmath science
gap-sla science
gap-ace science
gap-utils science
gap-xmodalg science
gap-kbmag science
lrslib science
kea network:dhcp
normaliz science
gap-normalizinterface science
gap-qpa science
gap-qaos science
gap-digraphs science
gap-matgrp science
gap-irredsol science
colm devel:tools
kelbt devel:tools
wget2 network:utilities
gjiten Education
edict Education
ptokax network:utilities
grpc devel:tools
hfst devel:tools
ragel-6 devel:tools
gap-lpres science
gap-autpgrp science
libressl security:tls
wpan-tools hardware
gap-groupoids science
linbox science
gap-cohomolo science
gap-guava science
fplll science
openucx science:HPC
gap-grape science
ppl science
gap-quagroup science
bliss science
nauty science
gap-patternclass science
dbus-broker Base:System
gap-cap science
gap-generalizedmorphismsforcap science
brotli Archiving
gzdoom games
gap-fplsa science
pmdk hardware:nvdimm
libtorrent filesharing
rtorrent filesharing
protobuf-c server:monitoring
latrace server:monitoring
schily utilities
ffmpeg-4 multimedia:libs
gap-smallgrp science
gap-transgrp science
gap-primgrp science
canutils-pengutronix network
gap-grpconst science
gap-aclib science
wxEphe science
libpmemobj-cpp hardware:nvdimm
gap-francy science
gap-fwtree science
gap-liealgdb science
gap-linearalgebraforcap science
gap-format science
libcamera graphics
fuse3 filesystems
erofs-utils filesystems
sha3sum utilities
fparser science
polymake science
permlib science
sympol science
xtables-addons Kernel:HEAD:KMP
vhba-kmp Kernel:HEAD:KMP
muparserx science
libgav1 multimedia:libs
commandergenius games
iptraf-ng network:utilities
strongswan network:vpn
asymptote science
zmusic games
iwd hardware
arb science
brial science
sirocco science
polylib science
barvinok science
libhomfly science
buckygen science
libbraiding science
libsemigroups science
conauto science
sympow science
edge-addition-planarity-suite science
mpfrcx science
benzene science
mcqd science
coxeter science
antic science
cm science
cliquer science
cmh science
latte science
cpu-x utilities
pappl Printing
vmaf multimedia:libs
symmetrica science
fuse filesystems
calcium science
util-linux Base:System
Name Title
devel:libraries:c_c++ A project for basic libraries shared among multiple projects
network:telephony Telephony Software of all kinds
home:jengelh jeng's Home Project
network:telephony:sipxecs sipXecs Enterprise Unified Communications Solution (IP PBX) from SIPfoundry
network:ldap LDAP (light weight directory access protocol) and related packages.
X11:RemoteDesktop:x2go X2Go (replaces NX)
security:netfilter All the firewall things
M17N:fonts Fonts
X11:Wayland Wayland Project
mozilla:addons Mozilla Addons
X11:RemoteDesktop:x2go:snapshot x2go (replaces NX)
server:mail Email services
windows:mingw Tools useful when cross-compiling on linux for windows with MinGW compiler
windows:mingw:win64 Cross-toolchain for amd64/PE target format, and Windows packages featuring binaries of that kind
windows:mingw:win32 Cross-toolchain for i386/PE target format, and Windows packages featuring binaries of that kind
windows:mingw:win32:compat Older versions of packages found in w:m:w
X11:wxWidgets wxWidgets Packages
utilities:apertium Apertium
home:jengelh:collax OBS 2.6 with support for Collax distro, and support for tar_scm's --parent-tag option.
home:jengelh:branches:Virtualization Branch project for package xen
server:mail:kopano Kopano Core
games:tools Tools for Gamers
home:jengelh:branches:devel:languages:python3 Branch project for package python3-rarfile
home:jengelh:branches:KDE:Qt5 Branch project for package libqt5-qtnetworkauth
home:jengelh:branches:devel:languages:go Branch project for package golang-github-mitchellh-gox
home:jengelh:branches:hardware:nvdimm Branch project for package ixpdimm_sw
home:jengelh:branches:devel:CaaSP:Head:ControllerNode Branch project for package heapster
home:jengelh:branches:M17N Branch project for package ibus
home:jengelh:branches:network:vpn Branch project for package openvpn
home:jengelh:branches:system:install:head Branch project for package libx86emu
home:jengelh:branches:devel:languages:python:jupyter Branch project for package python-prompt_toolkit1
home:jengelh:branches:Education Branch project for package tuxpaint
home:jengelh:branches:network:dhcp Branch project for package dhcp
home:jengelh:branches:server:monitoring Branch project for package monitoring-plugins-zypper
home:jengelh:branches:KDE:Frameworks5 Branch project for package kpeople5
home:jengelh:branches:security:logging Branch project for package kibana
home:jengelh:branches:filesharing Branch project for package libtorrent
home:jengelh:branches:network:samba:STABLE Branch project for package samba
home:jengelh:branches:Mono:Factory Branch project for package mono-core
home:jengelh:branches:devel:openSUSE:Factory Branch project for package libica
home:jengelh:branches:X11:Pantheon:Apps Branch project for package nasc
home:jengelh:branches:multimedia:apps Branch project for package clementine
home:jengelh:branches:Application:Geo Branch project for package zbar
home:jengelh:branches:Archiving Branch project for package amanda
home:jengelh:branches:science:HPC Branch project for package libfabric
home:jengelh:branches:X11:Enlightenment:Factory Branch project for package efl
home:jengelh:branches:security Branch project for package ibmtss
home:jengelh:branches:hardware Branch project for package iucode-tool
home:jengelh:branches:Java:packages Branch project for package log4j12
home:jengelh:mingw Unified mingw
home:jengelh:branches:network Branch project for package openssh
home:jengelh:branches:science:machinelearning Branch project for package tvm
home:jengelh:branches:devel:languages:python Branch project for package python-pooch
home:jengelh:branches:KDE:Qt:6.0 Branch project for package qt6-opcua
home:jengelh:branches:GNOME:Factory Branch project for package avahi
home:jengelh:branches:Base:System Branch project for package glibc
home:jengelh:branches:X11:Wayland Branch project for package shaderc

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