DPDK is a set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing

DPDK is the Data Plane Development Kit that consists of libraries to accelerate packet processing workloads running on a wide variety of CPU architectures.
Designed to run on x86, POWER and ARM processors, it runs mostly in Linux userland, with a FreeBSD port available for a subset of DPDK features. DPDK is licensed under the Open Source BSD License.

Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)
Filename Size Changed
0001-SLE15-SP3-compatibility-patch-for-kni.patch 0000001341 1.31 KB 6 months
0001-fix-cpu-compatibility.patch 0000002412 2.36 KB 10 months
0001-vhost-crypto-fix-pool-allocation.patch 0000001660 1.62 KB 6 months
0002-vhost-crypto-fix-incorrect-descriptor-deduction.patch 0000001217 1.19 KB 6 months
0003-vhost-crypto-fix-missed-request-check-for-copy-mode.patch 0000005836 5.7 KB 6 months
0004-vhost-crypto-fix-incorrect-write-back-source.patch 0000001743 1.7 KB 6 months
0005-vhost-crypto-fix-data-length-check.patch 0000001454 1.42 KB 6 months
0006-vhost-crypto-fix-possible-TOCTOU-attack.patch 0000026594 26 KB 6 months
_constraints 0000000362 362 Bytes about 1 year
_multibuild 0000000057 57 Bytes over 1 year
dpdk-19.11.4.tar.xz 0012433520 11.9 MB 6 months
dpdk.changes 0000062821 61.3 KB 5 months
dpdk.spec 0000012402 12.1 KB 5 months
preamble 0000000082 82 Bytes about 4 years
Comments for dpdk 3

Luigi Baldoni's avatar

alois wrote over 1 year ago

Does dpdk stay on LTS releases?

Jaime Caamaño Ruiz's avatar

jaicaa wrote about 1 year ago

@alois I would say it does unless there is a very specific requirement for other release.

Luigi Baldoni's avatar

alois wrote about 1 year ago

No, it's ok. I just wondered.

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