PSI+ Jabber client using Qt

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Psi is the premiere Instant Messaging application designed for
GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X. Built upon an open
protocol named Jabber, Psi is a fast and lightweight messaging client
that utilises the best in open source technologies. Psi contains all
the features necessary to chat, with no bloated extras that slow your
computer down.

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Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)
Filename Size Changed
_service 0000001217 1.19 KB about 1 year
psi+-1.5.1615+0.obscpio 0022279181 21.2 MB about 1 year
psi+-lang.changes 0000004730 4.62 KB about 1 year
psi+-lang.spec 0000001699 1.66 KB about 1 year
psi+.changes 0000036126 35.3 KB about 1 year
psi+.obsinfo 0000000098 98 Bytes about 1 year
psi+.spec 0000016118 15.7 KB about 1 year
psi-plus-l10n-1.5.1606.2+0.obscpio 0023881229 22.8 MB about 1 year
psi-plus-l10n.obsinfo 0000000109 109 Bytes about 1 year
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jubalh wrote 6 months ago

BTW since a couple of months there is also a dedicated devel project: network:messaging:xmpp

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