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Linphone is a Web phone with a Qt interface.
It lets you make two-party calls over IP networks such as the Internet.
It uses the IETF protocols SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) to make calls, so it should be able to communicate with other SIP-based Web phones. With several codecs available, it can be used with high speed connections as well as 28k modems.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
build-liblinphone4-with-mediastreamer5.patch 0000001837 1.79 KB 3 months
liblinphone-4.5.25.tar.bz2 0019401253 18.5 MB 3 months
linphone-build-readline.patch 0000006127 5.98 KB 6 months
linphone-fix-pkgconfig.patch 0000000950 950 Bytes over 1 year
linphone-manual.tar.bz2 0000025033 24.4 KB over 14 years
linphone.changes 0000032929 32.2 KB 20 days
linphone.spec 0000008684 8.48 KB 20 days
reproducible.patch 0000001485 1.45 KB over 2 years
Comments for linphone 2

Harish Karumuthil's avatar

harish2704 wrote about 2 months ago

Hi, it is found that, linphone cli is crashing because it is not able to load sdp_grammar file.

So, Google and found it here https://gitlab.linphone.org/BC/public/belle-sip/-/blob/master/src/sdp/sdp_grammar and downloaded into /usr/share/belr/grammars/ . Then linphone cli began to work.

Please include that file in RPM package too

Giacomo Comes's avatar

gcomes.obs wrote about 2 months ago

The file you are mentioning is already included in belle-sip-devel however such package is not installed normally. The grammar file is now present in belle-sip-data which is installed automatically.

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