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If your software speaks SS7, ISDN, IAX, RTP, SRTP, Jingle, H.323, H.324, H.325, MGCP or SIP then it probably belongs in here.

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gcomes.obs wrote 2 days ago

The package mediastreamer2 does not build for Leap 15.x due to missing update package bcmatroska2. Adding an aggregate package bcmatroska2 in multimedia:libs solves the problem. There is one in gcomes.obs/bcmatroska2 but if I do osc submetreq I get "failed to fetch meta data for 'network:telephony' package 'bcmatroska2' (new package?)". How do I proceed?

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jengelh wrote 1 day ago

It is not easily possible to sr links. I recreated the link.

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