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@jengelh not sure if you saw the warning, but yt-dlp is dropping python 3.6 (see

I think the best course of action would be switching to 3.10 for Leap 15.4 and 3.9 for 15.3. Unsure about older SLE15 SPs, but given the timeframe this should be done sooner rather than later.

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@jengelh it seem like yt-dlp is not up to date Current version available on Tumbleweed is 2023.01.06 (i installed a fresh PC yesterday), while the Latest version is 2023.02.17

so, here is the output when trying to grab content with yt-dlp: Unable to extract uploader id; please report this issue on , filling out the appropriate issue template. Confirm you are on the latest version using yt-dlp -U

then when i did the command yt-dlp -U this is the is output: Latest version: 2023.02.17, Current version: 2023.01.06 Current Build Hash dee1cc38e4374dddfd371b7496cfe183f5c258133bdf239488ed50c078ef9f02 Updating to version 2023.02.17 ... Updated yt-dlp to version 2023.02.17

Hopefully i managed it to get sorted but package should be updated and pushed in next updates so users won't complain about it.

wish this help and thanks for you super work.

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@TheUncleMez you have to wait until the next Tumbleweed snapshot. Or, if you are in a hurry, run osc getbinaries openSUSE:Factory yt-dlp standard x86_64

What you did with the updater means that now you aren't using the distro-supplied (and vetted) binary anymore.

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thank you so much, personally i did a manual update using yt-dlp -U and it worked, posted here so to mention the pkg was outdated just in case maintainers missed that small one

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@jengelh: yt-dl.noarch requires "python3-yt-dlp", but this is not provided on any build for Leap. Do you have an idea how this can be solved? Thx.

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