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bulk_extractor is a C++ program that scans a disk image, a file, or a
directory of files and extracts useful information without parsing the
file system or file system structures. The results are stored in feature
files that can be easily inspected, parsed, or processed with automated
tools. bulk_extractor also created a histograms of features that it finds,
as features that are more common tend to be more important.

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be-1.4.0-announcement.pdf 0000176274 172 KB over 9 years
be-1.4.0-remove-date-time.patch 0000000713 713 Bytes over 9 years
be-1.4.0-remove-debug-program.patch 0000000552 552 Bytes over 9 years
bulk_extractor-1.4.0.tar.gz 0004294138 4.1 MB over 9 years
bulk_extractor.changes 0000005081 4.96 KB over 9 years
bulk_extractor.spec 0000003295 3.22 KB over 9 years
dfxml_nonx86.patch 0000002902 2.83 KB over 9 years
have_atomic.patch 0000001391 1.36 KB over 9 years
ppc-cpuid.patch 0000000571 571 Bytes over 9 years
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