A Text-Based WWW Browser

Lynx is an easy-to-use browser for HTML documents and other Internet
services like FTP, telnet, and news. Lynx is fast. It is purely text
based and therefore makes it possible to use WWW resources on text

Source Files
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lynx-charset.patch 0000000675 675 Bytes about 1 year
lynx-enable_xli.patch 0000000421 421 Bytes about 1 year
lynx-proxy-empty-string.patch 0000000580 580 Bytes about 1 year
lynx.changes 0000019777 19.3 KB about 1 year
lynx.spec 0000002886 2.82 KB about 1 year
lynx2.8.9rel.1.tar.bz2 0002689171 2.56 MB over 1 year
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