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Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander is a Norton Commander clone, a program that
manipulates and manages files and directories. It is useful, fast, and
has color display on the Linux console. It also has mouse support if
you run the gpm mouse server. This program requires the terminal
description files in /usr/lib/terminfo, which are found in ncurses.rpm
(the essential ones) or terminfo.rpm (the rest).

You can also use Midnight Commander under the X Window System with your
mouse. If you enter 'mc -c', colors are used.

In Midnight Commander, the screen is divided into four sections: The
majority of the screen is covered by two directory panels. The second
to last line on the screen is the shell command line. The last line
displays the function key assignments. At the very top, the menu list
is shown. One of the directories displayed is the current working
directory. This is where most of the commands are found. For certain
commands, like copy and move, the second directory is used as the
target directory.

  • Developed at Base:System
  • 2 derived packages
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  • osc -A https://api.opensuse.org checkout openSUSE:Factory/mc && cd $_
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Source Files
Filename Size Changed
20_wrong_path_to_wrappers.patch 0000000988 988 Bytes over 12 years
4258-fish-subshell-prompt.patch 0000000555 555 Bytes 8 months
cmake.syntax 0000013954 13.6 KB over 10 years
mc-4.8.28.sha256 0000000167 167 Bytes 10 months
mc-4.8.28.tar.xz 0002333072 2.22 MB 10 months
mc-esc-seq.patch 0000000395 395 Bytes almost 7 years
mc-ext-audio.patch 0000001362 1.33 KB over 1 year
mc-extd-doc.patch 0000000878 878 Bytes almost 2 years
mc-extd-misc.patch 0000000518 518 Bytes almost 10 years
mc-extd-sound.patch 0000001716 1.68 KB over 1 year
mc-extd-video.patch 0000000989 989 Bytes almost 2 years
mc-extd-xdg.patch 0000003643 3.56 KB almost 7 years
mc-extfs-helpers-deb.patch 0000000942 942 Bytes over 10 years
mc-extfs-iso9660-xorriso.patch 0000000793 793 Bytes almost 2 years
mc-f-keys.patch 0000000804 804 Bytes almost 7 years
mc-fix_lib_search_path.patch 0000001154 1.13 KB almost 7 years
mc-multi-press-f-keys.patch 0000002112 2.06 KB over 3 years
mc-pie.patch 0000000308 308 Bytes almost 10 years
mc-vfs-fish-deleted_source_file.patch 0000004852 4.74 KB almost 2 years
mc-wrapper.patch 0000001486 1.45 KB almost 8 years
mc.changes 0000072337 70.6 KB 7 months
mc.desktop 0000000113 113 Bytes over 8 years
mc.fish 0000000788 788 Bytes 8 months
mc.png 0000000923 923 Bytes over 9 years
mc.spec 0000007788 7.61 KB 7 months
x11_browser 0000001720 1.68 KB almost 11 years
xls2csv_update.patch 0000000588 588 Bytes almost 2 years
Comments 1

Andre Barros's avatar

acobar wrote over 2 years ago

I submitted a request for update on Base:System, as it seems that this is the main branch, I'm repeating it here.

Updated to newer package version, also 2 patches (mc-ext-audio.patch and mc-extd-sound.patch), and removed a patch applied upstream (mc-rpm.patch). Now the new version of mc builds appropriately.

See: https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:acobar:branches:Base:System/mc

The main reason to update, besides the fixed errors, is the elimination of the annoying subshell warning.

  • Update to 4.8.25

    • Avoid subshell warning for standalone mcedit/mcview/mcdiffview run from mc
    • Implement chattr command (change ext{2,3,4}fs extended attributes)
    • New syntax highlighting: Kotlin and ino
    • File highlighting updates
    • Lots of other fixes
  • Updated mc-ext-audio.patch

  • Updated mc-extd-sound.patch

  • Removed mc-rpm.patch

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