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More Image Formats for Tk

This package contains a collection of image format handlers for the Tk
photo image type, and a new image type, pixmaps.

The provided format handlers include bmp, gif, ico, jpeg, pcx, png,
ppm, ps, sgi, sun, tga, tiff, xbm, and xpm.

Source Files
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Img-1.4.13-Source.tar.gz 0008366556 7.98 MB 7 months
fix-aarch64-neon.patch 0000000978 978 Bytes 7 months
tests-add-destdir-tcllibpath.patch 0000012560 12.3 KB 7 months
tkimg.changes 0000004416 4.31 KB 7 months
tkimg.spec 0000002787 2.72 KB 7 months
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