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This package contains two scripts, which, called with the name of a
remote host, will open an xterm window on the local X display with a
remote session or login shell.

The script xlogin starts by a rsh call (remote shell) an xterm on the
remote host. If necessary, the access will be allowed by sending the
magic key (cookie) of the display to the remote host.

The script xtelnet starts a local xterm with a telnet session on the
remote host.

Source Files
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xlogin-0.2-fix-bashisms.patch 0000000833 833 Bytes
xlogin-0.2.dif 0000000368 368 Bytes
xlogin-0.2.tar.gz 0000002763 2.7 KB
xlogin.changes 0000002886 2.82 KB
xlogin.spec 0000001813 1.77 KB
xlogin.test 0000000428 428 Bytes
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