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Notetaking software designed around a tablet

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Xournal++ is a hand note taking software with the target of flexibility, functionality and speed. It supports pen input, e.g. Wacom tablets.

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xournalpp-1.1.3.tar.gz 0015096883 14.4 MB
xournalpp-include.patch 0000000348 348 Bytes
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Alberto Verga's avatar

verga wrote

Helo, I do not know if this is the good place to report problems; I noted that the "DRAW_SPLINE" tool do not appear in the list of tools (menu). Perhaps it is related to a dependency not satisfied. Thank you! Alberto Verga (

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User4027 wrote

Please do not require TeXLive for installing the package, since this is not needed. It should be recommended instead. I think the relevant line to this can be found here: BuildRequires: texlive-latex-bin As I said, it would be better if this would be Recommends: texlive-latex-bin instead.

A Xournal++ maintainer confirmed that the app itself is not required. It is only for the use of LaTex expressions which not every user uses. This could save very much bandwidth and reduce the packages needed to install. See Xournal++ GitHub Issue

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badshah400 wrote

This is not bugzilla, so with due respect please stop spamming. BuildRequires has nothing to do with what gets installed in your system when you install an app. If you see further down the specfile (lines numbered 45, 46), texlive is Recommended and not Required. You may happily install without texlive if you either zypper lock those packages or install with zypper in --no-recommends or a myriad of other ways.

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