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Wt is a C++ library and application server for developing and
deploying web applications. The widget-centric API is inspired by
existing C++ GUI APIs. It offers complete abstraction of any
web-specific implementation details. Most importantly, the entire
application is written in only one compiled language (C++), from which
the library generates the necessary HTML, Javascript, CGI, and AJAX

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4.0.2.tar.gz 0008699816 8.3 MB
Adding-missing-libraries-issue-6198.patch 0000001627 1.59 KB
Asio-Fixed-for-older-versions-of-Boost.patch 0000001770 1.73 KB
Several-changes.patch 0000021813 21.3 KB
_constraints 0000000154 154 Bytes
wt-Issue-7193-Pango-1.44-fix-add-harfbuzz-include-dir.patch 0000001020 1020 Bytes
wt.changes 0000019190 18.7 KB
wt.spec 0000007098 6.93 KB
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