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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup


Crawl is a fun game in the grand tradition of games like Rogue, Hack, and
Moria. Your objective is to travel deep into a subterranean cave complex and
retrieve the Orb of Zot, which is guarded by many horrible and hideous

This is the Stone Soup version of Dungeon Crawl and contains both the terminal and the tiles version (based on SDL).

Source Files
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CVE-2020-11722.patch 0000001326 1.29 KB over 2 years
appdata.patch 0000003356 3.28 KB over 5 years
crawl.changes 0000014579 14.2 KB over 2 years
crawl.spec 0000005095 4.98 KB over 2 years
desktop.patch 0000001608 1.57 KB over 5 years
icon.patch 0000072051 70.4 KB over 5 years
stone_soup-0.24.0-nodeps.tar.xz 0010886652 10.4 MB over 2 years
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