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Repackage Java libraries

Jar Jar Links is a utility that makes it easy to repackage Java
libraries and embed them into your own distribution. This is useful for
two reasons: You can easily ship a single jar file with no external
dependencies. You can avoid problems where your library depends on a
specific version of a library, which may conflict with the dependencies
of another library.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
do-not-embed-asm.patch 0000001491 1.46 KB about 3 years
jarjar-1.4-asm5.patch 0000005387 5.26 KB over 2 years
jarjar-src-1.4.zip 0000339014 331 KB over 8 years
jarjar-util.pom 0000000694 694 Bytes about 3 years
jarjar.changes 0000002169 2.12 KB over 2 years
jarjar.pom 0000000684 684 Bytes about 3 years
jarjar.spec 0000004609 4.5 KB over 2 years
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