EMBOSS is "The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite"

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EMBOSS is "The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite". EMBOSS is a free Open Source software analysis package specially developed for the needs of the molecular biology (e.g. EMBnet) user community. The software automatically copes with data in a variety of formats and even allows transparent retrieval of sequence data from the web. Also, as extensive libraries are provided with the package, it is a platform to allow other scientists to develop and release software in true open source spirit. EMBOSS also integrates a range of currently available packages and tools for sequence analysis into a seamless whole.

Source Files
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EMBOSS-6.6.0-disable_end_update.patch 0000000420 420 Bytes
EMBOSS-6.6.0-implicit_declarations.patch 0000004860 4.75 KB
EMBOSS-6.6.0-system-expat.patch 0000000794 794 Bytes
EMBOSS-6.6.0-system-pcre.patch 0000007580 7.4 KB
EMBOSS-6.6.0-system-zlib.patch 0000000848 848 Bytes
EMBOSS-6.6.0.tar.gz 0117962028 112 MB
EMBOSS-rpmlintrc 0000015472 15.1 KB
EMBOSS.changes 0000005370 5.24 KB
EMBOSS.spec 0000009743 9.51 KB
patch-1-24.gz 0000032098 31.3 KB
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