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Used to Check for Symptoms of Installed Root Kits


This is a set of tools that detect rootkit (a program that hides the presence of attackers) symptoms on a system. Rootkits can hide using kernel modules, but they always leave some small traces that can be detected with this program. However, it is always recommended to use this program from a rescue system or a system with a similar purpose.

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chkrootkit-0.54.patch 0000007488 7.31 KB over 1 year
chkrootkit-0.54.tar.gz 0000041461 40.5 KB over 1 year
chkrootkit-rpmlintrc 0000000135 135 Bytes about 12 years
chkrootkit-utmpchk.patch 0000002335 2.28 KB over 1 year
chkrootkit.changes 0000003898 3.81 KB over 1 year
chkrootkit.spec 0000001908 1.86 KB over 1 year
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