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LUKS In-Place Conversion Tool

luksipc is a tool to convert (unencrypted) block devices to (encrypted) LUKS devices in-place. This means the conversion is performed without the need of copying all data somewhere else, creating a LUKS container, creating a new filesystem on the mapped LUKS device, and copying all data back. Instead, the process is reduced to:

- unmounting the filesystem
- resizing the filesystem to shrink about 2 megabytes (1028 kB for current LUKS versions to be precise)
- running luksipc
- adding custom keys to the LUKS keyring

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html-20120727.tar.bz2 0000240595 235 KB over 9 years
luksipc-0.04.tar.gz 0000053364 52.1 KB about 4 years
luksipc.changes 0000003264 3.19 KB about 4 years
luksipc.spec 0000001829 1.79 KB about 4 years
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