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Protect hosts from brute force attacks against ssh


Sshguard protects networked hosts from brute force attacks
against ssh servers. It detects such attacks and blocks the
attacker's address with a firewall rule.

Source Files (show merged sources derived from linked package)
Filename Size Changed
harden_sshguard.service.patch 0000000773 773 Bytes 7 months
sshguard-2.4.2.tar.gz 0000835431 816 KB about 1 year
sshguard-gcc5.patch 0000000474 474 Bytes over 3 years
sshguard.changes 0000012147 11.9 KB 5 months
sshguard.conf 0000002068 2.02 KB 5 months
sshguard.init 0000002776 2.71 KB over 3 years
sshguard.service 0000000724 724 Bytes 5 months
sshguard.spec 0000003739 3.65 KB 5 months
sshguard.whitelist 0000000220 220 Bytes over 6 years
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13ilya wrote almost 2 years ago




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worldcitizen wrote 5 months ago

I'm sorry for the belated message. The package has been corrected. Thank for the information.

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