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MariaDB is a backward compatible, drop-in replacement branch of the MySQL
Database Server. It includes all major open source storage engines, including
the Maria storage engine.

Packaging is done at https://github.com/openSUSE/mysql-packaging/ - please submit your changes there

Source Files

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README.SUSE 1.88 KB about 2 years ago Download File
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README.install 642 Bytes over 1 year ago Download File
_constraints 422 Bytes 6 months ago Download File
baselibs.conf 36 Bytes almost 4 years ago Download File
configuration-tweaks.tar.bz2 615 Bytes 3 days ago Download File
mariadb-10.1.18.tar.gz 58.4 MB 3 days ago
mariadb.changes 88.7 KB 3 days ago Download File
mariadb.spec 32.2 KB 3 days ago Download File
my.ini 3.3 KB about 3 years ago Download File
mysql-patches.tar.bz2 12.1 KB 3 days ago Download File
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mysql.SuSEfirewall2 161 Bytes over 9 years ago Download File
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Latest Revision

Martin Pluskal Martin Pluskal (pluskalm) accepted request 437454 about 6 hours ago (revision 184)
- update to 10.1.18
  * Release notes:
  * Changelog:
  * fixed CVE's:
    CVE-2016-8283, CVE-2016-6663, CVE-2016-5629, CVE-2016-5626,
    CVE-2016-5624, CVE-2016-5616, CVE-2016-3492, CVE-2016-6662,
    CVE-2016-5440, CVE-2016-3615, CVE-2016-3521, CVE-2016-3477
  * fix:
    [bsc#1005582], [bsc#1001367], [bsc#1005569], [bsc#1005566],
    [bsc#1005564], [bsc#1005562], [bsc#1005555], [bnc#998309],
    [bsc#989926],  [bsc#989922],  [bsc#989919],  [bsc#989913]
  * refresh mariadb-10.1.4-group.patch
  * refresh mariadb-10.1.12-fortify-and-O.patch
- requires devel packages for aio and lzo2
- remove mariadb-10.0.21-mysql-test_main_bootstrap.patch that is no
  longer needed [bnc#984858]  
- append "--ignore-db-dir=lost+found" to the mysqld options in
  "mysql-systemd-helper" script if "lost+found" directory is found
  in $datadir [bnc#986251]
- remove syslog.target from *.service files [bsc#983938]
- add BuildRequires: systemd-devel
- make some dependecies switchable

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