CentOS 8

CentOS 8 distribution project.

Use CentOS:CentOS-8:Stream project instead to get additional stream packages.
Note: All modules are hidden atm due to conflicts.

This project does not contain any packages

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Hi, I'm having problems including python, python2, python3....

Anybody can?

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I ran across this too. I think that's because of the Note above: "All modules are hidden atm due to conflicts". python2 and python3 are distributed in CentOS-8 as modules.

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This has been fixed in the meantime, but you need to enable modules in your project config. See https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-buildservice/2019-11/msg00024.html for details.

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I'm having a problem with building packages that require mysql, mysql-devel packages on centos8. I tried mariadb too. Both mariadb, mysql seems to be unavailable

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Ok. It took me some real hard work and many days to figure this out. I ended up learning how to build packages locally and do the following osc build CentOS_8.0 osc shell CentOS_8.0 dnf module list | grep mysql mysql 8.0 [d][e] client, server [d] MySQL Module That's how I figured out that one has to enable mysql-8.0 using ExpandFlags

One has to have the following in the Project Config ExpandFlags: module:python36-3.6 ExpandFlags: module:mysql-8.0

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The file https://api.opensuse.org/source/CentOS:CentOS-8/_pubkey contains some strange local key instead of the correct CentOS 8 build key.

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