Univention UCS 4.3 server

Univention UCS 4.3 server.

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Currently, this project does not work as source for building UCS 4.3 packages, see https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/home:dassit In my private OBS 2.9 instance, I fixed this by removing following support packages from the project config: Support: bison cvs flex rcs module-init-tools

Also I did not get unmaintained and unmaintained_all to work. DoD only gets the package information, but failed to download the packages, as the resulting URL is not correct (404 remote error: http //updates.software-univention.de/4.3/unmaintained/4.3-0/amd64/4.3-0/amd64/insserv_...)

I did work around this by using "Univention:4.3 standard" as primary and "Debian:9.0 standard" as second source. According to Univention support "Univention:4.3 unmaintained" is very similiar if not identical to Debian 9.0.

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