Development branch of deepin-desktop

Development branch of deepin-desktop. This is not for enduser.

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Hi, there's a dependency problem on install:, needed by deepin-desktop-5.0.0-34.1.x86_64, needed by deepin-launcher-4.6.14-13.18.x86_64


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The current building can work on Leap 15.2. I am trying to reload this project. But deepin desktop is developed on debian stable, so that it can not work fine on Tumbleweed. So i need some help for working on Tumbleweed.

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Thanks very much Hillwood! I've been testing your recent work over the past few weeks in a virtual machine. It was having trouble with the window manager and not able to interact with most parts of the desktop and the menu. But I'll try again this week and let you know how it works.

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All the policykit and dbus profiles are not installed. So many features are invalid. But i package them in deepin-api-dbus, deepin-api-polkit, deepin-daemon-dbus and deepin-daemon-polkit to workaround opensuse security rule . You can use installers in these package to install these profiles, then all the features will be enabled. The lightdm can not launch DDE, gdm an sddm are fine.

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Thanks again for your hard work. I tested it under Tumbleweed (since some main packages are currently broken for Leap 15.2 and 15.3).

The main problem is that xdg-su is not working. I installed all the relevant libgnomesu and policykit packages, but xdg-su says that there is no agent to handle it.

Apart from that, the light theme has unreadable colors in the menus. The dark theme is normal, but I don't like it.

For me it works fine with LightDM, which is a much better option since GDM and SDDM install huge amounts of Gnome or KDE dependencies.

Thanks again!

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About xdg-su, there is a patch And a new user guide announces on, you can use patterns to install deepin desktop.

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Wow, very nice! Thanks for all your hard work. Here's a Reddit post featuring your work:

I should mention that I am using it without problems in LightDM, which is better because SDDM installs the Plasma desktop as a dependency.

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LightDM can't work with dde on Leap 15.3 and Tumbleweed. I see you install dde on Leap 15.2. It really works fine on Leap 15.2.

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